• Install PHP 7 on Windows Server with Microsoft Web Platform Installer

    Step 1: Verify if you have ‘Web Platform Installer’ installed in IIS Manager



    Step 2: If ‘Web Platform Installer’ icon is available, go to Step 3. If not installed, go to this link and download the msi file. https://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx



    Step 3: After installed, launch ‘Web Platform’ in IIS Manger, go to ‘Products’ > ‘Frameworks’ and search for ‘PHP 7.3’



    Step 4: Select the desired PHP version and click ‘add’ and click ‘ install’.


    Step 5: You’ve now successfully upgraded your PHP installation. You’ll want to open a command prompt and enter the command “iisreset” to apply the new settings or you can simply reboot the server to apply the changes.

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