• About Me

    Hi, I’m Edvin Teo and thank you for visiting my blog page.


    I loved cars since childhood despite spending my formative years in Kuala Lumpur, where the car purchase tax and import duty among world's highest. Fortunately, I relocated to the Melbourne just as I reached 18 years old, and has owned cars (some quite boring) ever since. My love for automobiles, high-quality photography and travel plus fondness for writing brought me to be the co-founder of FastMotoring.com in 2009.


    I started this blog in 2008 with the aim to share more about my life experiences, commentary on automobiles and the automotive industry. I spent over seven years as a technology sales specialist, online journalist, social media expert and photographer. 


    To contact me, please email me[at]edvinteo.com


    Car Ownership Background: –


    – Honda Civic Type R (FD2)
    – Honda Insight 1.3 Hybrid IMA


    – Proton Waja 1.6 M
    – Toyota Echo 1.3 M
    – Proton Saga Iswara 1.5 M


    * For advertising inquiries, please email advertising[at]edvinteo.com