• Shell Ferrari Lego Car Models Limited Edition in Malaysia

    Shell Malaysia introduced Lego models promotion since 8 November 2012. Those 6 car models are limited edition and collectible Ferrari models made from Lego. The 6 exclusive models are Ferrari 458 Italia, 250 GT Berlinetta, 150° Italia, Scuderia Ferrari Truck, FXX and F40. Lego minifigures set is also available to be collected. Anyway, you may already collecting it.


    The Lego models are capable of performing a minimum of 300 pulls, propelling a 30g vehicle a minimum of 2 metres. The “micro-propulsion” motor is powerful enough to drive each pocket sized at high speed.



    Today on 24 Nov 2012, Shell Malaysia held a special event this weekend at the Blue Concourse of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall to show off a life-sized Ferrari 150° Italia made from Lego bricks. According to Shell, this massive Lego model took approximately 6 months to design and built by a team of Lego experts.



    At the same time, Shell launched the additional three Lego models – Scuderia Ferrari Truck, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari FXX. It will be available in all Shell stations in Malaysia from 29 November 2012 onwards.


    You can purchase the Lego car model at RM12.90 each by presenting your Bonuslink card. Conversely, if you fill up RM40 worth of Shell V-Power and you can purchase up to 3 Lego car models or the Lego Minifigures set at only RM10.90 each. This promotion is valid while stocks last.

  • 2012 Malaysia Super Series – GT Asia Series

    Yokohama Advan Slick Tyres for GT Asia Series

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    2012 Malaysia Super Series – GT Asia Series

  • Most Expensive Road Accident in Japan Involved 8 Ferraris

    17 Supercar crash in Japan


    14 cars including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Mercedes involved in crash believed to be Japan’s most expensive ever road accident that cost up to US$ 4 million.


    The multimillion-dollar road accident occurred on the Chugoku expressway in Shimonoseki, south-western Japan.  According to the police, a pack of about 20 supercars was travelling in convoy on Sunday morning. However, the driver of one of the Ferraris tried to change lanes and hit a barrier on the rain-soaked road. The driver spun across the motorway and the other cars collided while trying to avoid hitting his car. The debris was spread over about 400 metres of the motorway.


    The speed limit on that section of the highway was 80km/h. However, an unidentified male witness told the TBS network: “A group of cars was doing 140-160km/h. One of them spun and they all ended up in this great mess.”


    There is no official statement on the total cost of damage but some of the vehicles were beyond fix. God bless that no one was seriously injured but only some minor cuts and bruises.


    Check out the YouTube videos for more info.