• Giraffe Live Cam @ Perth Zoo

    Feeling like going to the Zoo, but we can’t due to the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

    For temporary relief, Perth Zoo has put up a live cam to take us behind-the-scenes with the giraffes.

    Check out the live stream below.


    If you can’t see them, make sure you check back later. They might just be exploring another area of their home at Perth Zoo.

  • Rabbit-shape On Moon

    This photo is taken from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 30/10/2012.


    Stop looking at your phone and start looking at the moon now!


    According to researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), a giant rabbit-shaped impression with 3,000 kilometres wide on the moon was created by a collision with a giant meteorite over 3.9 billion years ago.


    The length of the low-calcium pyroxene distribution was around 3,000 kilometres, nearly the length of the moon’s diameter. The meteorite that created the basin is thought to have been around 300 kilometers in diameter.


    The rabbit-shape is said to have been made when lava erupted after the meteorite and other meteorites hit, collecting and blackening on the surface. The side of the moon that cannot be seen from the Earth is different, nearly completely white and having a thick crust.

  • Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) in China – 2-3 June 2012


    The Rounds 3 & 4 of Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, Audi R8 LMS Cup and VW Scirocco R Cup were held last weekend at Zhuhai International Circuit. I was there mainly for the Audi R8 LMS Cup. However, I have captured many photos throughout the race events for my publication use and your viewing pleasure here.


    Anyway, check out the unedited photos and comment about the race if you like it!


    2012 Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Rounds 3 & 4

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    2012 Audi R8 LMS Cup - Rounds 3 & 4

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    2012 VW Scirocco R Cup - Rounds 3 & 4

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    China Touring Car Championship

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  • 2012 Malaysia Super Series – GT Asia Series

    Yokohama Advan Slick Tyres for GT Asia Series

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    2012 Malaysia Super Series – GT Asia Series

  • Happy Chinese New Year 2012 with Civic Type R

    祝你們新年快樂! Happy Chinese New Year!


    Even the Lion is trying to get in a Civic Type R, it must be a very auspicious year of dragon!



  • www.edvinteo.com/v2 now live!

    Thank you for visiting www.edvinteo.com/v2


    After close to 4 years, this site has just got a facelift. If you would like to find my old blog post, I have archived for your easy access at www.edvinteo.com/pt/blog