• How To Be A Successful Salesperson If You Think You Can’t

    1. Ask yourself: What words come to mind when I think of myself as a salesperson?


    2. Listen to the response that arises inside your head:


    • If you find you’re thinking words like helpful, partner, problem-solver, relationship builder, mutual benefit – congratulations. You have the core mindset of a successful 21st century salesperson.
    • If your thoughts are running more along the lines of words like rejection, pushy,fake, annoying, unwanted, manipulative, scary – I suggest you continue on to step 3.


    3. What could you say to yourself that’s more positive and hopeful about the idea of you as a salesperson – yet still feels true to you?  I asked my mate and his response was, “I have a great product that some people will find useful. If people don’t want to buy it, it’s no reflection on me.”


    Remember, you just need to keep things Great, Simple, Positive and Accurate.

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