• Fresh Bottled Draft Beer from Taiwan Beer – “Only 18 Days”


    Besides beers from the tap, I have not observed any fresh bottled beers selling in supermarkets or restaurants before until I discovered this Taiwan Beer ‘Only 18 Days’ in Taipei.


    The beer taste good and refreshing because this beer is fresh from the brewery without sterilization. As a result, this bottled beer only good for 18 days as printed on the bottles.


    The beer is distributed from brewery to outlets entirely below 8 degrees Celsius. More importantly, it is the freshest bottled beer in Taiwan or maybe in South East Asia.


    This beer is certainly a great companion when tasting the delicious 台灣熱炒美食. Amazingly, each 600ml bottle Taipei Beer ‘Only 18 Days’ only selling less than NT$65. Man, this is heaven!

  • Taiwan Beer in Mango Flavour



    Have you ever taste any beer with mango flavour? And yes, I found this in Taipei.


    Taiwan Beer now come with Pineapple and Mango flavour. Basically, it tastes like combination of mango juice plus beer. Most importantly, alcohol beverages in Taiwan are affordable, so is heaven here to me!