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Kung Fu Panda 2 In Cinemas On 26 May 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 will be in cinemas on 26 May 2011.


According to movie reviewer, there is a scene where the panda stuffs 40 dumplings into his mouth and then spews them into the audience in persuasive 3-D tells you most of what you need to know.

Starring: The voices of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan

Directed by: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Running time:90 minutes

Chrysler Voyager with Gas Turbine Engine from a Helicopter


The above Chrysler Voyager is not your ordinary people mover. Don’t be shocked by the photo! It is a turbine van.

If you love speed and fast car? Why not consider one for yourself... 100% satisfaction guaranteed..

Basically, this van is fitted with turbine engine which capable to perform a conservative 7.65 seconds at 96 mph (154.5 km/h) in the 1/8th mile.

Check out the video below for more actions!!

Lexus LFA in the UK makes its public debut at the Supercar Sunday Breakfast Club


The first full-production Lexus LFA in the UK makes its public debut at the Supercar Sunday Breakfast Club event at the legendary Goodwood Motor Circuit. Listen to the phenomenal sound of the handbuilt V10 engine and find out what these supercar fans have to say about LFA 016.

New Volkswagen Jetta Official Photos - 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Malaysia

If you regularly follow-up on Volkswagen cars, probably you knew that the new Volkswagen Jetta had launched in Europe and North America back in last year. Furthermore, Volkswagen had ventured with DRB-Hicom to locally assemble Volkswagen cars in Malaysia. There will be VW Passat, Jetta, and Polo. Which variants? I am unsure till date.


DB2010AU01580_small (1).jpg

There are a few photos “self-leaked” into the internet in relation to those models performing road test in Malaysia. I saw the Volkswagen Jetta there and I love it at the first sight! Personally, it is a better practical car than the Golf. In essence, it is a Golf Sedan.


Based on the Europe model, there are TDI (Diesel) and TSI (Petrol) models. In Malaysia, TDI will be an impracticable model to be marketed which I don’t know why. Probably, the diesel fuel quality still not up to standard. What’s more, there are three TSI models which available are 1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI. Likely the 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI will be selected here (just like the Golf model) and combined with a dual-clutch transmission (DSG).


For the CKD VW Jetta 1.4 TSI model, it is speculated to be marketed at the price mark between RM120k-RM130k. In the other hand, I am hoping the price will be around RM110k-RM120k.

Without further data and info, check out the photos that I posted in this article. I will keep you posted once there are more solid update and fact.





Subway Sub Of The Day New Menu for 2011 still at RM 7.50 (6-inch)


Recently, I found that the menu for Subway’s Sub of the day had refreshed comparing to last year’s menu that I had posted before. I believe the new menu took effective since early this year.


Check out the 2011 Subway’s Sub of the day menu.

Monday – Italian B.M.T.

Tuesday – Tuna

Wednesday – Meatball Marinara

Thursday – Roasted Chicken

Friday – Chicken Slice

Saturday – Seafood & Crab

Sunday – Chicken Teriyaki


Nevertheless, the price for “Sub of the day” remained at RM 7.50 (6-inch).