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Recession fears surface in Australia

Recession fears surface
March 31, 2008 - 11:30AM - theage.com.au

More than half the country's small business owners feel a recession is on the way as rising interest rates and global market instability takes it toll on confidence, a new survey shows.

The March 2008 MYOB Australian Small Business Survey found 57 per cent of small business owners believe an economic recession will occur within the next three years, while 58 per cent expect the economy to fare worse during the next 12 months.

"Naturally, the current volatility in world financial markets, and the upward trend in Australian interest rates, are having a big impact on small businesses," MYOB Australia managing director Tim Reed said.

Nearly 60 per cent of those surveyed indicated a negative outlook for interest rates during the next 12 months, a significant increase from previous quarters.

While the shift in confidence was significant, recession worries had not dampened small business confidence about their own business performance, Mr Reed said.

The survey of 1,436 respondents found 54 per cent of small business owners expect their business performance to be better in 12 months' time."

"While this is slightly down since the last quarter it shows that Australian small businesses continue to drive our economy forward regardless of whether we are in boom times or periods of market volatility," Mr Reed said.

Still, the report found small business was not overjoyed by the change in federal government with 44 per cent expressing dissatisfaction with Labor's contribution to small business.

This is up from 37 per cent in November 2007, prior to the federal election.

Few small business owners are making any plans to survive an economic downturn despite worrying about the prospect of a recession.

Eighty-three per cent of respondents consider planning and preparing a business to ensure survival through an economic recession to be important, but only 44 per cent actually have a business plan.

Forty per cent also reported a somewhat negative impact on their work-life balance from running a business, while 48 per cent said they felt isolated as a small business owner.

"Stresses related to interest rate rises and threats of a recession could be having a negative impact on work-life balance for small business owners," Mr Reed said.

"It is a concern that small business owners are feeling isolated.

"It is activities such as networking groups and associations that not only establish potential working contacts for small businesses, but can also provide a link into a support network of like-minded peers."

My point of view, everyone is fear of recession and economic down-turn. In fact, is true with facts that is starting to impact. My suggestion, spent wisely but do not stop spending because it will speed up the impact.

JOKE: Why Indian House Doesn't Have Electric Appliances?

My 10 year old nephew came across and trigger his wonder, and asking me why indian house normally doesn't have much electric appliances.

After the result of his finding, he realise it does related to their culture and not related to their financial background.

Reason Why?? - For typical indian, they use to cook curries and having fried foods. Let's imagine, if your kitchen is oilly and wet. What will happen if you have many electric appliances?

For safety and caution, they usually do not to have any electric appliances in the kitchen and home. Perhaps it doesn't really able to blend together... :)

Just imagine, what if your hand is oilly and you trying to switch on the power switches? :P

^ Just a Joke of the Day. I am Liable for all your happiness, unliable for all your misfortunes. OK?

Questions and Answers on Coke Light

How many calories are in Coke Light?
An eight-ounce serving or Coke Light contains less than one calorie.

What makes up the fraction of a calorie in Coke Light?
Aspartame, caramel color and citric acid are all ingredients of Coke Light. Components of each of these contribute to the caloric content of Coke Light.

Why does the label state that Coke Light contains zero calories?
Because the amount of calories is under five, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that to round the amount of calories to zero on the Nutrition Facts panel. Hence, Coke Light is label as Zero Sugar.

Does Coke Light contain sugar?
Coke Light contains 0.1 grams of sugar (carbohydrates), which is derived from the caramel color.

Today Is not the day?? Maybe... I don't know.

Today is a day that is something but i don't know what is the something. Weird Isn't it? A day that is tiring due to moody. I can't answer because i really got a lot of WH in my mind.

I will try to phrase my words, sentences or comments... Before I get started, i make myself comfortable and relaxing... Lighting up my Lampe Berger (i really love this product, is really a beautiful invention but take away the price tag) and having a can of Coke Light with a dim lamp. The feeling of comfort is Gorgeous :) This what i call, Keep Living the Feel Good Life!

2345HRS: Let me get started now before i finish this late.

By obvious for lately, i felt that i have lost confidence, faith and feeling for myself. I used to feel Confident and "happy-go-lucky" on the outside, but this time I really felt insecure, pessimistic person deep inside now.

I don't feel like anything at all at this moment, maybe this is a feeling before a person give up on themself and started to screw deep down over their life. Over the weekend for the past few weeks, i just lying on my bed and rethink by myself. That moment if you were beside me, i bet if you kick my butt and i won't be even shaking as well. What is in my mind is just plain empty.

Throughout the year, The moment i started to know and found the feeling that what i want. I try hard, work hard and think hard. Is quite a big disappointment for myself because till date, i remain at the same location with similar co-ordinate that having no status of improvement. Is a shame that i am degrading deep inside.

I believe in Feeling and Faith in every sense. If i do have the feeling, i can do a lot of things. If i feel that is a faith in the feeling, i will do wonders. But when the moment, i felt that i have lost all in my feeling. I have nothing left, just a big fat ZERO in my inventory.

Hence, i told that i have a chance i will say if i am able.

Definition of Life?? What is Life??
- Source from Wikipedia : Life is a condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally. ...

Is it true that life having the power of adaptation? Be frank, i can't. May be i am too emotional person, as people says that individual that drive with feeling, is always a emotional person. As a emotional beings, i am always having mood swing. Fool isn't?

No matter how, I must be strong and carry on, cause i know... I don't belong to all this. I will find my way throught night and day, cause i know i can't remain this anymore. Time have bring me down, and time have break my heart. I tried very hard, trying to step up to get close. But i am always get turn down and never get near before.

I am sure beyond the door theres peace, when i step out i know there will be no more teardrops in heaven. Whatever in Life, please cherish and be joyful. I won't be too hard to myself, i won't be think too much and i will rest. Because I don't know how to be optimistic anymore and i am worrying too much in myself.

Lastly, I have been relying on a lot of my mates during my hard-time and bad-time. I would take this opportunity to thank you and I appreciate it. If i did anything that i hurt your feeling or you disliking. I am sincerely hoping you will accept my apologise. So, do reply my SMSes or Emailes or Msges ok? Don't keep me too far, because i will always stand by your wings. But I am a slow learner, please bear with me (always, or at least some times??). I hope my spirits will stay here and fight for everyone.

0205HRS: Cheers mate. Rgds/ET

Tips of the day: "WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHO? HOW?", got it?

Pesanan Khas untuk Orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang

I read baginda (Raja Petra) article at http://www.malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/4501/84/

I conclude him as a Neutral Person, i respect and salute him. A truly Malaysian for Malaysian. I am proud of him. :)

Feedback to me (if possible) on the photos

As you guys know me, i am slowly learning on Photo Shooting with EOS400D lately.

I upload some close-up photos in this post, hope that you guys will comment on it.





Pontiac G8 GT - the America's version of the Holden Commodore

Drive crossed the USA in America’s version of the Holden Commodore. While the G8 shares plenty with the Commodore, there are notable differences.

usaDrive15_m_t.jpg usaDrive07_m_t.jpg usaDrive16_m_t.jpg usaDrive18_t_t.jpg




Pontiac G8 GT - specs

Standard price: US$29,310
Options fitted: leather trim, heated seats, partial electric seats
Price as tested: US$31,245 (including destination charge)
Engine: 6.0-litre V8 with displacement on demand
Power: 361hp (270kW) at 5300rpm
Torque: 385lb-ft (522Nm) at 4400rpm
Fuel consumption: 15mpg (city), 24mpg (highway), 18mpg (average) (15.7L/100km, 9.8L/100km, 13.1L/100km)

Theory of the day

Before i forget about this theory. i better write this down here to share with guys.

Simple Theory - if you don't take care of your things, no matter how expensive it is or how beautiful it is. It still looks ugly and cheap skate. Quoted "21032008 by ETs"

In lay-man term - If you drive a luxury beautiful car, but your car have scratches and missing parts PLUS dirty. You might as well, drive a clean and economical car that people don't feel is eyesore?


"MCA has misjudged the feeling of the Chinese community."

A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled “The Fate of MCA Lies On Its Structure”. It was written in May, 2003 when Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy were the newly minted party chairman and deputy chairman.

I asked: What changes have been made to the structure of MCA since the independence of the country?

Many people miss the glorious era of Tun Tan Cheng Lock and feel sad when they talk about today's MCA. The political pattern of Malaysia has changed but the pattern of MCA failed to catch up with it and it is now going backward and keep narrowing.

To a large extent, MCA still remains in its welfare role of 1950s. When the Public Services and Complaints Department (PSDC) of Datuk Michael Chong became more and more important, the people would first think of him when they were in trouble. In fact, this has also reflected the emptiness of the party's ideology, as well as its policies.

How large the structure of MCA be when its members prioritise personal interest and power? And how could we call it a structure when the status of MCA in BN and the government is merely a “subordinate” instead of a “partner”, with the relationship of “master-servant” and “father-son”?

The time has changed, as well as the people's thought. How could it survive if it stays on with its small role? And this would be its fate if its structure remains the same.

From 2003 until before the 2008 general elections, MCA has been trapped in its small structure, it failed to display its strength and revealed its emptiness.

MCA was unable to refute the Malay agenda brought up in the Umno General Assembly. MCA tried to offer an explanation to save its own face when Umno Youth chief kissed and brandished the keris. MCA was so humiliated when the Prime Minister ordered it to withdraw the memorandum submitted by non-Muslim ministers. These incidents have led to the build up of the pressure of racial politics.

MCA leaders seemed did not understand the significance of the problem but thought that the Chinese community would forget about the incidents when the circumstances change with the passage of time.

MCA has misjudged the feeling of the Chinese community.

They might leave aside the incidents but the trauma is difficult to be healed. The Chinese community began to voice out their accumulated discontentments.

Before the elections, MCA tried to retrieve support of the people by raising issues of the relocation and building more Chinese primary schools. But Chinese schools were no longer merely the problem of Chinese primary schools. It was a collective discontentment and anxiety which would explode on the polling day.

Just as expected, BN lost 65% of Chinese votes and MCA suffered a great defeat.

And now, MCA must learn from the bitter experience and think about what direction it should take for its future?

MCA should ask itself whether its ideology is outdated? Where is the party's political vision? Where will it be five years later? And what will happen to the party after 10 years? Whether MCA should continue with its race-based welfare role?

If Umno continues with its Malay agenda, MCA will be further marginalised.

MCA kept only its stronghold of Johor as it has lost its influence in North and Central of PeninsularMalaysia. If it fails to achive a breakthrough, probably, it will turn out to be a district party.

MCA must completely change in terms of its thinking and policies as it has to face the challenge of DAP and PKR, as well as the restraint of Umno.

It should widen its vision, upgrade the level it pursues, accelerate the pace of its efforts, improve and strengthen its ideology in order to survive in the political arena of Malaysia. Otherwise, this would be its fate if its structure remains the same. (By TAY TIAN YAN/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)

Marié Digby version of MAROON 5 - "MAKES ME WONDER"

Mate, you got to check this video clip out! Awesome...

Maths of Life and Human Politics


What happen if one day, 1 + 1 != 2 ? What you will think?
*** "!= means NOT EQUAL"

In the World of Maths, 1 + 1 = 2. But in my world of reality, it doesn’t equal to 2 at most of the time. In fact, it equals to 3 or 4 or worst is infinity value. It won't be fair and correct, Always...

Isn't life is full of pain and sadness??? Is like, you 100% sure that you are right but you are always wrong... Pain isn't?

I do not believe in Politicals stuffs when i was young. But now, i know what is politics and a real-human politics. Politics will bring to unfairness and bias. Can even make things turn to be upside down. Is Horrorable. Kick out the Nepotism and Domination!

I always attempt to enjoy and cherish. I wish that i will build a better day for me and my surroundings. Yes I believe and it will.

Move On & Cheers Mate! ET

All-new Toyota Corolla Altis is launched today...

All-new Toyota Corolla Altis is launched today...


For more information and details, visit www.altis.com.my

But i hate this car with the ugly woody and light brown colored interior... Is it expensive to have black interior OR is it looks better with this color of interior??

UMW TOYOTA! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You build ugly car and shitty specification... I expecting better in this model, but this is a total disappointment. 4 Speed Auto?? Come on... 16" Alloy Wheel? Oh My God! Ugly Interior?? Gosh... and the Price tag?? Too expensive for it

From Exterior to Interior into the Engine Bay.... All are "proven" Technologies... Is your call mate... But my money will not be on this car.

Rating: 1/5
Pricing Range: RM102k to RM120k

New Toyota Corolla Altis on this Friday


UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd has revealed that the new Toyota Corolla Altis will be launched this Friday, the 14th of March 2008.

The company did not reveal expected prices or specifications, so we will have to wait until Friday.

PKR may challenge Khairy's Rembau win

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | Mar 11, 08 2:54pm - MalaysiaKini.com
On Saturday night, the initial count for the Rembau parliament constituency in Negri Sembilan showed that PKR had taken the seat by a razor-thin majority of 141 votes.
A recount however saw a complete reversal - Khairy Jamaluddin, son-in-law of premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, won by a staggering difference of 5,000 votes.

For opposition party PKR, this stark gap came in as a shock and consequentially became a solid basis for suspicion.

Rembau’s PKR candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin is today considering a legal challenge against the result.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur today, Badrul (photo) said he was far from satisfied with the final outcome.

In the final results, Khairy bagged 26,525 votes against Badrul's 20,779, with a majority of 5,746.

In the 2004 elections, BN had retained its Rembau stronghold with a whopping 18,656 majority.

Had Badrul won the seat, it would have been considered one of the major upsets in Saturday's elections.

“There were (also) irregularities in the vote counting procedure. The Election Commission (EC) did not issue the ‘Form 14' to us when it was compulsory to do so,” said Badrul, a former teacher and member of PKR supreme council.

Elaborating, Badrul said that Form 14 was an extremely important procedure as the document was one of the many measures that was in place to prevent vote-rigging.

Form 14 contains the number of total voters for a particular polling station and once the vote counting has been finalised, the form will be the official indicator of the number of votes designated for each candidate.

If the form was not issued, the results could not be considered as an official one but most importantly, it gave way for manipulation as the number of votes may be added in favour of a particular candidate.

It is compulsory for the form to be issued from each polling stations to each of the candidates’ polling agents stationed there.

BN’s acts of hooliganism

“We will talk to our lawyers and will consider issuing a petition to challenge the results and call for a re-election,” said Badrul.

One of Badrul supporters then added that the matter of Form 14 not being issued itself was enough to nullify the Rembau election results and they will definitely be looking into the possibility of doing so.

Besides allegations of electoral fraud, Badrul also took a shot at Khairy and BN by claiming that the constituency’s campaigning period was marred with BN hooliganism.

“There were various instances where our posters, banners and supporters were harassed by Khairy’s supporters,” he said, adding that there were more than 20 police reports lodged by him and his supporters as a result of alleged BN aggression.

He also alleged that Khairy’s campaigning cost had exceeded the quota allowed by the EC and also accused the latter of using government machineries like schools to campaign.


Big Clean Up @ Subang Jaya
Big Clean up

Please help our ADUN to bring down and dispose all campaign PKR/DAP - flyers/banners/posters by 22nd March.

Date : Saturday 15th March 2008

Time : 10 a.m.

Meet at : SS14 DAP service center (previously known as DAP operations center)

Things to bring : Sunblock, water, scissors, ladder, cars, garbage bags, friends. We will assign a few groups just to round specific the areas to take them down.
Thank You Malaysians!

Thank you Malaysians, for having the confidence to change it.

Thank you Malaysians, for grabbing back power and handing it back to the Rakyat.

Thank you Malaysians, for giving back our country its future.

Thank you Malaysians, for believing that your one vote can make a difference to the nations!

Thank you Malaysians, for ensuring that our next generations will have something to look forward to in the coming future.



Congratulations Malaysia! We won our war in our place!


Hannah Congratulations, and Well done! We need you in Subang Jaya! And your campaign manager - Edward, you are the man! You guys did it all Best!


Gwo-Burne, Yesterday i greet you Good Luck after your speech! But today, i want to say Congratulations to you too! I know you and Hannah will drive us better and make this a better place!

Another Waste of Tax Payers Fund

ahBeNg, you are so welcome... You WASTED out Tax Payers money to buy all your fancy and ugly banners and PLEASE STOP SPAM ME via SMS with our money... Enough Is Enough! Thkq


Black Mail from ahBeNg to Vote on them

With Tax Payers money, they spam us with SMS to vote on them! Is that a Black Mail saying that only vote them for Security, peace, prosperity? wtF? I feel so dangerous after reading this SMS.

God Bless Malaysia! We need CHANGE! Just Change it!


Meet the candidates / DAP Ceramah

Meet the candidates / DAP Ceramah

Date: Friday 7th March 2008

Time: 9 p.m-11.59 p.m.

Speaker: Hannah Yeoh, Mr Tong (Speaking in tamil), Haris Ibrahim, Raja Kamarul Zaman Bin Raja Ahmad, Loh Gwo Burne, Special guest appearance

Location: Padang - PJS 9/14, 9/11, 9/18, 9/9

Parking: Please park at Sunway Hotel open car park and walk across towards PJS 9 to avoid congestion

Things to bring: Umbrella/raincoat, neighbors, 5 other friends!
This session is for the residences of N31 DUN Subang Jaya.
Subang Jayans, please call/invite/persuade your neighbors to meet Hannah.

Fong Po Kuan Rocks SS2!
Raja Petra in SS2
Activists warn elections will be 'dirtiest ever' Reports MalaysiaKini

The March 8 general election could be the "dirtiest ever", activists said today after authorities dumped plans to curb fraud by marking voters' fingers with indelible ink.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch also said Malaysians will be denied a fair vote in Saturday's polls, accusing the government of muzzling the opposition and manipulating the electoral process.

More..... Refer http://malaysiakini.com/news/79205

*** What a decision made and annoucement made at last 2 days by EC. I deeply felt shame for Malaysian that really have no Human Rights! Leaving in a Country with Fear!

From themalaysianinsider.com

Anwar in Singapore: Only fraud will get BN its two-thirds majority

SINGAPORE, March 6 -- Only massive election fraud would prevent Malaysia's Opposition from denying the ruling coalition a two-thirds majority in Saturday's general election, Malaysia's former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said in Singapore yesterday.

''The support for the Opposition, particularly the rise in the last two weeks, is phenomenal,'' Anwar, leader of the Opposition People's Justice Party, told reporters here, where he earlier spoke at a risk management conference.

Read more at The Malaysian Insider...

Subang Jayans, Are You Ready for Change?

Fellow Subang Jayans, it's TIME to Vote for Change, Vote for Hannah!

Source it from and more News Coverage on Hannah Yeoh & Ceramahs: http://subangjayan.blogspot.com/ 

More seats won by MCA will only result in worsening Umno political hegemony

When MCA should be most influential and powerful after the 1999 general election when Chinese voters saved Umno and Barisan Nasional to ensure their getting two-thirds parliamentary majority, MCA was weakest in allowing the rise of Umno political hegemony

New Straits Times has turned into a MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN) propaganda broadsheet today with the front-page headline: “Chinese voters have a simple choice: a bigger say in parliament and government, or a louder voice in parliament without real influence…”

Quoting the MCA strategist, Datuk Wong Mook Leong,said “the reality was that whenever the DAP did better than MCA, it was a major setback for the community”.

Wong said: “In 1986, DAP won 24 seats while MCA got 18. In 1990, DAP continued to lead MCA by two parliamentary seats.
“DAP claims that in those two terms, it was a major step for democracy. But the truth is, it was two terms of major setbacks for the Chinese community.”

This is a very dishonest distortion of Malaysian political history.

There is a long list to illustrate the rise of Umno political hegemony in the past nine years, but I need only mention the following few:

• The “929 Declaration Malaysia as an Islamic state on Sept. 29, 2001;

• The Umno Youth threat to burn down the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall over the Suqiu controversy;

• The extension of the New Economic Policy from a 20-year span to 50 years and beyond;

• Umno Youth Hishammuddin Hussein’s wielding of the Malay keris at the Umno Youth assembly;

• The rejection of the Bangsa Malaysia objective of Vision 2020 by powerful circles and forces in Umno;

• The humiliation suffered by non-Umno Ministers who had submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister in 2006 about freedom of religion over the Moorthy snatch-body case, coupled with rapid increases of religious polarization over body-snatching, banning of Christian Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia using “Allah”, restriction of freedom of religion of non-Muslim communities like the Kudat Mazu controversy;

• Blatant abuse of NEP to spawn even worse corruption, cronyism and nepotism (CCN) in the Abdullah administration as compared to the Mahathir premiership, with the bumiputras being used to serve the interests of Umnoputras; and

• The Hindraf phenomenon of nation-wide Indian protest at their long-standing marginalization.

Wong Mook Leong is wrong. The more seats the MCA wins, the greater the trend towards Umno political hegemony. This is why in the 12th general election, a vote for the BN is a vote for Umno political hegemony, and why all Malaysians regardless of race or religion should unite to smash Umno political hegemony, which is completely different from Umno dominance in BN and can be a Frankestein in the Malaysian political landscape.

The above is a summary of Cut and Paste... In Full, Refer to Source from: http://blog.limkitsiang.com/2008/03/05/more-seats-won-by-mca-will-only-result-in-worsening-umno-political-hegemony/

Our meet the residents session - Hannah Yeoh

Our meet the residents session!

Date: Friday 7th March 2008
Time: 9 p.m.
Speaker: Hannah Yeoh
Location: Padang - PJS 9/14, 9/11, 9/18, 9/9
Parking: Please park at Sunway Hotel open car park and walk across towards PJS 9 to avoid congestion
Things to bring: Umbrella/raincoat, neighbors!

This session is for the residences of N31 DUN Subang Jaya.
Subang Jayans, please call/invite/persuade your neighbors to meet Hannah.

Meet the candidates of Opposition

Meet the candidates

Date: Wed 5th March 2008
Time: 9 p.m.
Location: USJ 3A Basketball court opposite Restoran Al-Nainas

Meet the Candidates:
Gwo Burne Low - PKR Kelana Jaya Parliament
Hannah Yeoh - DAP Subang Jaya DUN

For info call: Faisal 019-2232002
Reference Website: http://lohgwoburne.blogspot.com
*** Source from: http://edwardling.blogspot.com/
Democracy, the Malaysian Style...

Democracy, the Malaysian Style... Sounds Familiar?? This is what people say in overseas when talking about our home country - Malaysia.

Since GE2008 will be held on 08/03/2008. My responsibility as a Malaysian, I would like to share out my opinion that i have strongly disagree and unhappy with the Pak Lah Government since 2004. And of course, have to also express my satisfaction (but can't think of any at this point of time).

1st: Can someone explain who allows Khairy to talk? Who is he? He talk a lot, macam gangster la...

2nd: Why Rafidah can't explain the whole picture of AP? Instead of pretending this and that... And i think all Malaysian forget about this issue? AP shouldn't be exist in the Auto Cars Industry... We should have our rights. Not issue AP for AP holder to import cars to rip off our money.

3rd: Why Samy Vellu still in Parliament Seat? I think he required protection from Police since he got so many enemy out there... But who pay the police? Who the police should take care of? By the way, we don't need Toll. Thks

4th: Why Lim Kit Siang need to retire? Should those MCA MP advice the orang tua to retire since he is elder than YB Lim? I think orang tua also need to rest, since he slept before in Parliament.

5th: Justice in Malaysia can be Purchase by Money? Mr.Lingam? Can explain a bit? I know it looks like you, sounds like you. But you telling us that it does not mean it is you?

6th: Can En.Najib explain abit on your relation with Altantuya? Why you got a picture taken together with Mr.Baginda? Any deals? Share Share la.. Don't la keep it with yourself. Tak kan, you want to use Lingam's method?

7th: Scandals by our former Malaysia's Health Minister, Mr Chua. I understand is not a good public image for a minister to have a sex scandal with his "personal friend". But, can the government find out who is the person who did the shooting and redistribute it? This case seems like is Caused by a Person Behind. You must know who did all this behind, why you hide it and leave this case aside? You think we have forget about this again? You must get the answer for us! Capture the person who is the director and film investor! Don't just ask people to resign. Understand? Get me the answer

8th: ............ Is late, let me continue list it at tomorrow. Please feedback and add on. I think if i continue writing, i can't stop myself. I might just migrate to Australia and forget about Malaysia. For Malaysia, I care so i must share with you guys!

50 Years is enough... Enough Means Enough... Umno Putera really need a lesson this time. Don't say anything about Bumiputera Rights or whatever... You guys just marginalised people. No only to certain race, you include you own race to be marginalised.

If BN win again by more than 2/3, then sure BIG, BARANG NAIK in 4 - 5 years to come, as BN can do things at free will. So, think.. JUST CHANGE IT! Vote the Opposition! Say TAK NAK BN (BARISAN NASIONAL) Nanti BARANG NAIK...

Every Saturday is Sports Car Day...


The second hand Golf GTI is SOLD... but i manage to get it inspected before hand... But i would say, Thank God... and God Bless the Buyer... The car paint is not as good as new, the insulation at the radiator started to torn... I guess, this car can't take out hot climate weather. That's why, it wear out so fast...

Then... i follow by test drive cum inspecting FairladyZ... awesome... nice 2 seater coupe... with the power of VQ35... The engine revv sweetly... the power strength deliver smoothly, unlike turbo or supercharger car that have power lag... However, that's heavily congested traffic with cars. I can't really test her completely at Sprint Highway.... but i will give 4/5 for the car.