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Spy Shots: 2009 Mazda6 caught naked with new curves

2009 Mazda6 for US Market - Spy shots






These spy shots from Brenda Priddy & Co. show a completely naked prototype that was caught in Detroit. Though at first glance it looks exactly like the 6 that debuted in Frankfurt last year, closer inspection reveals many changes to the car, which corroborates reports we've heard that the U.S. version is also markedly different underneath its skin. Follow the jump for a review of the changes in store for U.S. customers.

What can i do???

What can i do???


(i) What can i do, when i going to Singapore alone?

(ii) What can i do, when i found a Golf GTI for RM170k with 1 year remaining warranty.

(iii) What can i do, when i am offered with a new Golf GTI for RM188k with 2 years unlimited warranty and maintenance?

(iv) What can i do, if i want to push further steps for BuyDefender.com and IPTelnow.com?

(v) What can i do, if people just don't bother about you and you care about so much?

(vi) What can i do, ....................... i don't know...

Yes, the answer is: Find the right opportunity and more money... Do the right thing! Always recharge yourself! You will find all answer right after.. Edvin Teo.. Wake up! You must know what to do...

Nissan Silvia S15 project aborted

Sadly, i think the Nissan Silvia S15 project have to be abort after i hunt 9 units of S15... All of those either is Heavy Modified on IN & OUT of the car. Headache after looking at those car.

SR20DET is a good and powerful engine. But sadly, those car either is in bad condition or modified.

Have to hunt for other alternative... VW Golf GTI?? hahaha:) i wish!

Nissan Silvia S15 Hunt Down! No Near New Condition, No Buy!

After been hunting for JDM cars for 2 years.. almost 3 years (ever since year 2005). I think Toyota Caldina is a great car and easy to source of parts. I also think Nissan Silvia is a good car to be driven. Found one in KL for RM135k for Year 2002 Spec R.

But i think is better to hunt for more units to inspect before any decision made on either one of those beauty.

If anyone looking for a Toyota Caldina GT-Four N Spec... Email me, i will share with you which dealer having a nice color and nice car with nice spec... after i spent my time on the hunt.

If any one come across any S15 (Preferred Year 2002) with perfect condition (incl interior and exterior plus technically). Pls pls pls let me know, i will definitely treat you with a nice meal (Maybe a Carl Jr Combo Meal). :)


"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" - Murphy's Law

Quote of the Day that i remember during my uni days, my lecture always said this. The Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong".

The elaboration as below,

Murphy's law is an adage in Western culture that broadly states that things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance. "If there's more than one possible outcome of a job or task, and one of those outcomes will result in disaster or an undesirable consequence, then somebody will do it that way." It is most often cited as "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" (or, alternately, "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way" or, "Anything that can go wrong, will," or "If anything can go wrong, it will, and usually at the most inopportune moment").

Let's discuss in this post more about this theory... I bet this theory can be apply to many situation and scenarios. Let's share.

I think this can be apply to Relationship, work, assignments, anything... Basically, things that cannot work, it won't work. Can force it at all, no matter how stubborn you are...

Tomorrow start work!

Tomorrow will be the first day of work for the Year of Rat. I hope it will be a good start and a prosperous year for myself and all gangs!

Since i am so greddy that have a huge list of My Wish List (like a Golf GTI, WRX and many more.....)

Not a Problem Guys, Mickey will guide the route... We Will Make It! Everyone, Hoy Kong Tai Kat! 开工大吉!


Red Box @ Sunway Pyramid :: 9/2/2007 - Lunar Day 3

We had a Karaoke Session at Redbox on the Night of Day 3 of Lunar Calender. From 10pm till 4am. That's interesting and fun session with all the nice songs been played and sing along. But... the bogan at the next door is terrible, they played songs with punchy bass and they look horrible... However, is FINE... don't bother about the bogan, is new lunar year... forget about them...

Among all the songs, i really love this song :"Catherine by David Tao". Hence, i want to share with all mates the song lyric. This song is really meaningful (depending on individuals some how).

Check this out... Catherine..

你有一种变态功力 让我失去理性
我像机器被你游戏 扭曲着情绪

也许你从来不了解 你的爱会让我窒息 我想你最爱的 是自己

Catherine 我不属于你 Catherine 我要我自己
抓得越紧 越抓不住早就破裂的感情
你不明白这个道理 你也不可能反省
只希望你能够了解 为什么我离你远去 我要找回被夺走的信心

Catherine 不能没有你
Catherine 也不能在一起 Catherine
或许我的爱真的不够了不起 都没有好好爱你
过去相依如今分离 都是命运而已
有一点痛有点遗憾 更多的叹息
Catherine 我要离开你 Catherine 虽然还爱你

Happy Mickey's Lunar New Year!

For this new lunar year, i wishes everyone Xin Nian Kuai Le... To all my fellows mates, you guys must be happy and in good health... We have many things to achieve together...

For myself, i hope this new year to have new resolution. Many to mentioned but mainly, i hope and wish i could hold on myself to objects that will pull me down... And i must explore further on new opportunities. Hopefully, i will let go my ego! I won't let things hurt me, more and more... No more hash!


Mates, treasure whatever you have... cherish whoever that loved. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Happy And Prosperous Chinese New Year Of The Rat


Wishes you good luck and good fortune in the year of the Mickey Mouse.