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Apple iPad 2 vs Canon EOS 600D Review

Check out the review by DigitalRev on Apple iPad 2 vs Canon EOS 600D (T3i) - which is the better camera?

Please note: IMHO, it is more for entertaining instead of a technical review.

Are you watching porn?

Yes, I agreed with her… 

Is my turn to ask those folks that usually minimize and lock their screen whenever I walk to you, are you looking at porn? J L…..

Natalie, keep up mate!

"Jen Aniston's Sex Tape" - Jennifer Aniston In SmartWater Ad

"Jennifer Aniston" is a trending search topic after the actress appeared in an ad for SmartWater, cleverly titled "Jen Aniston's Sex Tape."



In the nearly three-minute video, Aniston pokes fun at Internet marketing techniques and what it takes for a video to "get a virus," or go viral.

So far the video has more 2.4 million views, 13,899 people likes it and over 5,000 comments on YouTube.