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Auto Paint Protection with PPS Technology at Shine N Shield


To all car lovers at every beginning moments of owning a new car, they always wanted to maintain their car looking new and sparkling shines. In order to achieve that, he needs to keep your car paint coated with wax regularly. This requires a lot of time and 'Patience'. Yes, it needs 'Patience' which I have just loose it all recently.

For the past 1 year, I have been spending time on waxing my ride every 3 months to keep it gloss with Meguiars Gold Class Wax.

From my experience on car detailing, I had concluded that regardless what type of wax that you applied to your car, it will only last you for months but not years. This includes all products from high-end Meguiars, Turtle Wax, 3M, to affordable Soft99. Basically, you just need to maintain it regularly as part of routine. It is just the matter how many more weeks it last.

In recent times, I have got a several positive feedbacks from my surrounding about Polarized Paint Protection System (PPS). First though, it is just a regular paint sealant. But after, I found it is a type of paint sealant that only required one time application and it will last at least for 3 years. Most attractive part - No more Polishing, No More Waxing and Just Regular Washings! It sounds quite dramatic to me at first stage.

Using the source of internet, I found the Polarized Paint Protection System (PPS) is the only patented polarized paint protection system with US patent (No. 5,081,171). The coating will fuse and bond to the paint which create a dazzling, wet and deep shine and will stay and remain there to protect the paint against the damaging UV sunray and all other harmful elements for years.

This technology guaranteed protection against Fading, Oxidation, Weather Deterioration, Acid Rain, UV Rays, Tree Saps, Bird Droppings, Bugs and Salt UP TO 5 Years! Interestingly, it is widely use not only on cars but on boats and airplanes.

It just required 2-step process. (First-step, applies to charged surface with + Ion. Second-step, applies PTFE coating and fuses into painted surface!) Of course, you need to prepare the paint surface before doing all that.

After reading those, I had further losing my 'Patience'. I went to Shine N Shield at Sunway and make an appointment for my car with Raymond Tan – 03 5635 9933. Considering myself as a detailing freak, I think he is very well experienced.

The entire process of applying the PPS coating took approximately 5 hours. They need to wash your car, prepare the paint surface with compound polishing, applying first-step, wash the car again and applying the second-step before finishing. They do provide interior leather, vinyl and fabric protection as well as optional.

There are several packages range from Small, Medium to Large Vehicle with the price starting from RM680 with warranty up to 5 years against defect for new vehicle.

Even though there are many facts and feedback as supporting, making things more worthwhile. I will remain monitoring on the applied paint surface of my car and keep you posted on any updates about PPS technology.

To kick off this brand new year with my first project in 2010 for edvinteo.com. I have logged down this valued experiment process and the details of PPS application to our car.

Photo Gallery:-

(1) Before getting started...



(2) Car Washing


(3) Paint Surface Preparation & Step-1 Application





(4) Waiting the Step-1 to sit on the Paint Surface, Solar Energy is use :)


(5) Car Washing again... What a spa...


(6) Prepare to Apply Step-2



(7) Yes, is all done... Check out the finishing!








(8) Due to the wheels of Civic Type R is paint finished, PPS is applied too.


(9) You will find the PPS Decal attach to the windshield. Like a certification...


(10) While you waiting for your car to complete, you can actually sit down and enjoy all customer facilities that Shine N Shield provide.. e.g. TV with Astro, Massage Chair, Musics, Pantry Corner and etc...


For those who are interested, you can contact:-

Shine N Shield Auto Paint Protection which is an exclusive distributor for PPS Products in Malaysia and located at:-

No. 47, Jalan PJS 11/22, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: (03) 5635 9933