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Is Lewis Hamilton a 'dickhead'? Yes, he's a dickhead! said the Australian Roads Minister Tim Pallas

"Don't be a dickhead!" Basically, it is a road safety campaign in Victoria State that calls young drivers ''dickheads'' for talking on their phones and not wearing seatbelts while driving has been slammed as inappropriate and divisive.

Australian Roads Minister, TIM Pallas has added a new portfolio to his roads, ports and major projects ministry named "dickheads".

Lewis Hamilton.jpg

Last Friday night, Lewis Hamilton was stopped by police following free practice in Melbourne last week, for performing a smoky 'burn-out' in his new silver Mercedes sportscar not far from the city's Albert Park circuit. The 25-year-old McLaren-Mercedes star was admonished for his driving – for which he later issued a public apology – and had his car temporarily impounded, and will likely later face a fine for his actions.

Lewis Hamilton_Car.jpg

Lewis Hamilton_Car2.jpg

As due to the incident, the Red Bull Racing rival Mark Webber waded into the row by calling his homeland 'a nanny state'.

It sounds like a joke to me, but when is a dickhead not a dickhead? The story goes on...

Mr Pallas was willing to use the word to tag the former F1 World Champion 'a dickhead' in radio station 3AW by saying "Okay, I'll say it - he's a dickhead".

But by the afternoon, in front of television cameras, he had turned coy.

Journalist: ''Is Mark Webber a dickhead?''
Pallas: ''My view about any particular race driver and their personal qualities I don't think is really the key … anybody who takes action to undermine the road safety message is doing the wrong thing.''
Journalist: ''Is Lewis Hamilton a dickhead?''
Pallas: ''From my perspective he has acted inappropriately.''
Journalist: ''Do you have the courage to back this campaign by actually telling them they're dickheads?''
Pallas: ''It's more important that we reinforce the message here.''
Journalist: ''So he was a dickhead this morning but he's no longer a dickhead now?''
Pallas: ''The pejorative language suited then and it suits now.''

Hang on, didn't he just call Mr Hamilton a dickhead? :P

Anyway, check out the new ads which the government 'hopes' will be viewed.

A US car dealer is offering a mini Ferrari F40 for USD25k

A US car dealer is selling a driveable scale model of the classic Italian supercar - Ferrari F40 for USD 25,000.


The car is believed to be one of a kind, built specially for the opening of the first Ferrari dealership in Moscow.

Compared to the original 1987 F40, which was, for a time, the fastest road car in the world, the miniature copy is modestly powered. It has an 80cc Honda motorcycle engine, while the original F40 had a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V8 capable of producing 352kW of power.

The two-seater was developed by the same company that built wind tunnel models for Ferrari’s formula one team in Maranello and the dealer claims it is correctly proportioned and true-to-scale.

Source: TheAge

Malaysian wake up! What you think about yourself and your country

sextape_scandal MCA President.png

Fellow Malaysian, is time to think over... do we deserve what we get today!

I consider myself as a frequent traveller, the moments I have a chat with people aboard. People will just recall my country with its entire bad image. What's trigger their mind are like our inefficiency, highly bribe country, social unsecured, high crime rate, Malaysian Politician that working and talk like a clown, low priced knowledge workers, taxis that doesn't use meter and more... the list goes on and on...

Where is all the money gone? In fact, many years ago we are a developing country and now after so many decades it is still developing country. Look at South Korea, how many decades that they use to build up a country from developing to developed country? We have all the natural resources. We have all the professionals. Where are they gone? From what i know, Professionals that is smart will not stay in Malaysia because they felt negative and not motivated.

Unbalanced managed Country like Malaysia. They have so many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Everyone's a boss. All bosses will for sure seek for affordable labours. Surprisingly, they are many cheap labours around. For instance, RM2,000 wages at 2010 for a Fresh Graduate from University. While the price of an average meal at a dodgy 'kopitiam' will cost you easily RM5. Furthermore, most of them requires own transportation to work as due to poor public transportation infrastructures. Their quality of life just sucks and whatever they do will be just few steps behind (this includes the money in their pocket too).

I will not continue writing this as I think I will be definitely felt disturbed after writing all the truths.

Back to my point of this post, I wanted to pin point that the latest MCA elected president. I am not sure whether is shameful or something to be proud of. I would say this candidate is the best compare to the rest. But...., to other people from other country point of view. They just look at us that we had elected a politician that involved in a sex tape scandal [Look at the snapshot from The Straits Times, Singapore]. Now, I know what will be the topic that Singaporean will talk to me during my next visit.

Life is short. One entire life has how many years in total? You decide.

Don't be afraid, I am motivating you. Do what you think is right, do it best for your future and your surrounding.

sextape_scandal MCA President.jpg

Photos of Honda Freed in Singapore

View my new post on the launch of Honda Freed in Malaysia by clicking "Honda Freed launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010"

During my visit to Singapore lately, I saw many Honda Freed on the road. Overall, I would say this mini-van looks plain without bodykit and it looks good with one.

Without hands-on and review it personally, this mini-van gave me a feeling that it is a practical car for small family. Good for transporting kids around & putting in a bicycle for a cycling trip.

I couldn't manage to take any photos on those Honda Freed on the road of Singapore. But I found a several photos* on Honda Freed from Internet.

* Thank you for the contribution

New Honda Freed displaying outside FairPrice Supermarket




Honda Freed with Mugen Bodykit





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4 SEATER PLUS IDEAS is Honda Freed 7 seaters Mini MPV

View my new post on the launch of Honda Freed in Malaysia by clicking "Honda Freed launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010"

Let's reveal the 4 Seaters + Ideas that we heard from Radio Commercial or www.4plusideas.com. The ideas are for everyone that wonders what is that... To be exact, what car is that??

Don't wait until 22 April 2010.


That's Indonesia built - Honda Freed. A mini MPV with seating arrangement of 2 + 2 + 3.

Honda Freed - Asean 3.jpg

Check it out my previous post: Honda Freed will be launch in Malaysia on 22 April 2010

Alternatively, check out the below embedded video on Honda Freed.

Proton S16 (Proton Saga) market as Australia's lowest priced sedan


Proton Australia has launched Australia's lowest priced new car with the arrival of the Proton S16 sedan. The S16 is a practical four-door sedan powered by a 1.6 litre CAMPRO twin cam engine with a full suite of standard equipment including AM/FM/CD audio system, power steering, air conditioning, remote central locking with immobiliser and alarm, driver-side only SRS airbag.

Over in Malaysia, the Proton S16 is known as Proton Saga in their homeground. Instead of 1.6 engine, the Malaysian version only limited to underpowered 1.3 engine. The rest of it is pretty similar. For the Malaysian, the price starts from RM 32,000.00 (approximately at AUD 10,667.00)


Proton Australia positioned the Proton S16 as an exceptional value for money entry level new car in Australia. Furthermore, Proton joined the party with China Automaker with cut-price vehicles to tempt second-hand buyers into budget new cars from China and Malaysia.

With the price of a new small car starting as low as $11,990 drive-away by Proton, some in the industry believe used-car buyers will start buying new it.


Unsure whether is it a good sign. According to the managing director of the Australian arm of budget Malaysian company Proton, John Startari, said the company had been caught short of stock of its cut-price S16 sedan since its launch late last year.

Next year, I am foreseeing the competition at the bottom end of the market is expected to step up a gear as two new Chinese companies, Geely and Chery enters Australian market.

Photo Gallery: Proton S16 (Proton Saga)











2010 Honda CR-V MUGEN

Mugen CR-V 01.jpg

Mugen CR-V 02.jpg

A week ago, Honda Malaysia have launched the facelifted 2010 Honda CR-V. The new model come with a better bargain as it offer an additional pair of airbags, VSA, new 6-disc Headunit and redesigned bumpers. As usual, Honda Malaysia also offer their Modulo Accessories.

However, some owners may prefer Mugen over Modulo. For the new model, Mugen offers only wing spoiler (which CR-V need it badly), ventilated door visor, sports muffler, aluminium wheel and range of Mugen common parts like Oil Filter, Oil Filler Cap and etc...

If you have book your self one unit, remember to fit in at least a wing spoiler as the tail of CR-V looks very flat without one.

In the other hand, I got here a picture of Honda CR-V fitted with Mugen parts and a set of huge wheels wrapped with low profile tyres. Frankly, it look awesome!

Thai Mugen CR-V.jpg

Honda Freed will be launch in Malaysia on 22 April 2010

View my new post on the launch of Honda Freed in Malaysia by clicking "Honda Freed launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010"


Back in 2009, I was informed that Honda Malaysia is bringing Honda Freed to the market. The mini-van is actually imported from our neighbour country - Indonesia. Furthermore, the insiders hinted that the built quality is only average for Honda Freed.

Moving forward to this post. We found from the latest website of Honda Malaysia - 4 Seater + Ideas. The firm date that Honda Freed will be launch is confirmed on 22 April 2010.

Refer to my previous post: Honda Freed is coming to Malaysia very soon from Indonesia and launching in Thailand this month! for more pictures and information.

Book now at your nearest Honda or wait until the launch on 22 April 2010.

Kei Trucks Drifting in Japan like mad trucks!

Remember watching Mini Truck Drifting in YouTube by the China folks. The japanese follows next.


Japanese could be probably bored with FR Coupe like Nissan Silvia S15, Nissan 350z or maybe Honda S-2000. Now, they going drifting with Suzuki or Daihatsu Kei Trucks (Mini Truck).

Now, what it appears here is a team of mini trucks sliding around a track in Japan. Yes, is a mini truck that uses as transport by farmers or traders.

Enjoy the video of Japanese niche-racing with mini trucks from YouTube.

Hamann Conqueror II - a custom Range Rover Sport from Hamann


In 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Hamann's follows up their first take of the Range Rover Sport that debuted a few years ago. The new one named the Conqueror II.

Benefiting from the RR Sport Supercharged's new 5.0-liter V8, the Conqueror II packs 560 horsepower and 506 lb-ft torque with a revised engine management system and a sport exhaust.


The exterior gets the full Hamann treatment, with a full body kit, carbon fiber hood, LED running lights and forged 23-inch wheels. Interior comestic works include the usual stuff like embriodered mats, plus aluminum and carbon fiber accents.

Photo Gallery:-