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The All-New Honda Freed - Post Event Photos
Brilliant White.JPG
Photo 01 - Mr. Toru Takahashi, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia speaking at the launch.
Photo 02 - From left to right
- Dato Syed Mohamad Syed Murtaza, Chairman of Honda Malaysia, Mr. Yuji Matsuzaki, Vice President of Honda Malaysia,
- En. Rohime Shaffie, President and Chief Operating Officer of Honda Malaysia,
- Mr. Toru Takahashi and Mr. Isao Ando (安藤功, Project Leader from Honda R&D Co. Ltd. 
- Mr. Yukihiro Aoshima, President Director of Honda Prospect Motor (HPM).
Photo 03 - From left to right  - Mr. Toru Takahashi and Mr. Isao Ando
Photo 04 - The All-New Freed appeals to professional urbanites with young families. Even with two wifes. :)
Honda Freed launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010

Honda Freed

Here goes the end of the 4 SEATER marketing theme by Honda today.

The much-awaited Honda's premium compact 7-seaters MPV has finally reached Malaysian after it hit the Japanese market with great success on its debut on 22 April 2010.

Honda Freed Launching Media Pass

We are invited to the Honda Freed Media Launching together with my team member from FastMotoring.com

Covered Honda Freed

Honda Freed Girls

The All-New Freed incorporates with some of the best-in-class specifications including dual automatic sliding doors, flat floor design and a walk-through cabin.

Honda Freed Dashboard

Honda Freed Meter

There is ample storage space, including centre tray, glove compartment, door pockets, backseat hook and seven cup holders spread out conveniently in easy to locate places. 

Honda Freed Engine

This stylish and contemporary looking compact MPV houses the renowned 1.5L i-VTEC engine under its hood. Capable of producing 118PS at 6600rpm for maximum power and 146 Nm at 4800rpm for maximum torque, the 4-cylinder,  16 valve SOHC engine is one of the better known technologies in the industry. The i-VTEC engine is known to produce a perfect balance between power and fuel economy.

The engine is also fitted with ecological solutions that include an airflow meter and linear air fuel ratio sensor as part of the Honda’s mission to reduce its product’s impact on the environment. It also meets the EURO 4 emission standards.

Honda Freed Wheels Rim

The All-New Freed engages a 5-speed automatic transmission (5AT) and a drive-by-wire (DBW) torque control system, which guarantees a smoother ride.

In the safety aspect, the All-New Freed scores 6 stars in the JNCAP crash tests for both the driver and passengers. The proprietary G-Force Control Technology (G-CON) helps disperse the crash impact across the body frame while the advanced compatibility engineering (ACE) gives better crash compatibility with other cars, thus minimizing injury.

Other safety features available on the All-New Freed are ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electrical Brake-force Distribution), BA (Brake Assist) and Grade Logic Control embedded in the Shift-Hold Control. The latter reduces the shift of extra transmission during cornering. 

Available in Brilliant White, Polished Metal and Crystal Black, the different colors of the All-New Freed exude a universal confidence and vibrancy.

The car was previously speculated to be priced at around RM120,000. However, the official price for Honda Freed is selling at RM112,980. So, is cheaper than expected. :)

For more detailed review of Honda Freed, kindly read-on at http://www.fastmotoring.com/index.php/2010/04/honda-freed-the-4-seater-style-review/

Honda Freed selling RM112,980 in Malaysia

Honda Freed has been revealed in Malaysia today and selling at RM112,980. Available in 3 colours - Brilliant White Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl.

I will follow up with a post shortly.

Colonial Bungalow turned Bakery Cafe, introducing the Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

After a hectic week, I am always in a hunt for a nice cafe with soothing and relaxing ambience to dine in during the weekends. Here I found a place in the heart of KL that I get to enjoy and rejuvenate myself from the hectic week.

A lot of things could be very boring and commercialized in Malaysia, including most of the Cafeterias in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, finding a good place for a meal with reasonable price is tough to me.


Levain, is a new café that serves varies of patisseries which you can simply indulge yourself with a good cup of Coffee.


The unique ambiance has given me a feeling of the villages in Singapore. An old colonial houses that has converted into a commercial place which having most of the eatery like bakery cafe.


Your good time awaits you in this comfortable bakery café. Levain Boulangerie Pattiserie, located in Kuala Lumpur between Jalan Tun Razak and Pavilion KL.


They have this real stone oven imported from France and all their recipes/ingredients are originated from Japan. Simply just tasty!










For Durian lovers, I saw they are serving Durian Cake too.

Rating (1 lowest; 5 highest)

Food Quality: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Value: 4
Service: 3.5
Remarks: WiFi Available, a self-service cafe with great atmosphere in the heart of the City, with indoor and outdoor area.


During lunch hours, why not try out this place which you can drive and park at the house designated parking lots.

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie
Location: No. 7, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 55100
Phone: +603 2142 6611
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00am - 8:00pm


Photo Gallery:-










Toro Rosso’s Sebastien Buemi Crash at F1 Shanghai China 2010

Toro Rosso’s Sebastien Buemi crashes into the barriers at the end of the straight at F1 Shanghai China 2010 during the practice session.

Toro Rosso’s Sebastien Buemi Crash

He had missed much of the session with brake problems on his STR5, and had only completed five timed laps when, approaching the hairpin with 10 minutes remaining, he had both front wheels fly off the car amid a shower of carbon fibre.

Toro Rosso’s Sebastien Buemi Crash

Check out the video captured on-board Sebastien Buemi Car.

Negative Part of iPhone or Software Bug by Apple

iPhone Software Bug

Ever see a iPhone behave weirdly? I think it is a software bug from Apple that results the iPhone virtual keybord not functioning with big ugly alphabets.

No worries, you just need to quit the application and start the application again. It work fine after. Or else, reboot it.

iPhone Software Bug

EXCLUSIVE ZEUS Aero Parts for Honda Freed - Premium Multi-Purpose Van (MPV)

View my new post on the launch of Honda Freed in Malaysia by clicking "Honda Freed launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010"

In conjunction of Honda Malaysia launching the so-called Premium MPV known as Honda Freed that assembled from Indonesia.

Recently, I am exploring the available aerokits from the Japanese Domestic Model Aerokits for Honda Freed. From my previous posts, I have added Mugen's Aerokit and some photos of Freed from Singapore. Click here to check out the trail of my posts.

This time around, I found another one which looks much more awesome with a little VIP feel on it. That's the new design from EXCLUSIVE ZEUS which originate from Osaka by M'z SPEED.

Exclusive Zeus - Freed 1.jpg

Exclusive Zeus - Freed 2.jpg

Exclusive Zeus - Freed 3.jpg

Apple previews iPhone OS 4.0

Apple on last Thursday provided a peek at some of the new features coming to its iPhone later this year. In an event at its Cupertino headquarters, CEO Steve Jobs outlined the upcoming update to its iPhone operating system.

New Nike's Tiger Woods Advertisement here and New Sex Allegations there

The above video runs for 32 seconds. It is a single shot, black and white, with a slight zoom at the 20-second mark.

It features Tiger Woods, in baseball cap, sleeveless sweater and polo shirt, in mid-shot and then close-up against the idyllic backdrop of the Isleworth Country Club, a golf course near his home in Florida. He stares blinking but unflinching down the barrel of the lens, replicating that moment in his stage-managed January apology when he stopped after the words "I am truly sorry", gulped, and did his best to convey sincerity.

Tiger Woods emotional expression after serial of sex scandals revealed

However, there is a new sex allegations reported about Tiger & Girl Next Door. Tiger Woods romped with a neighbour's daughter, it was claimed yesterday. Tiger has known her since she was 14.

Just as Tiger was hoping to get his career back on track, there were new claims he bedded student Raychel Coudriet, 22, in his office - next to one of his children's cribs. They are believed to have had their one-night stand last May.

A source close to Raychel said: "The two of them had sex on a couch for hours, right next to a crib for Tiger's children.

"The crib made Raychel feel guilty that she was having sex with a married man with children. But she was smitten."

Raychel is said to have told a friend they did not have safe sex and the romp was "mechanical and unemotional".

She allegedly confronted him last month, and said: "I feel violated by what you did to me." He replied: "Sorry about that."

Michael Schumacher on Modenas Motor Bike during 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher F1 Car.jpg

Michael Schumacher driving his F1 car to the grass to retire the race

Michael Schumacher, leave his Mercedes on the grass when a nut came off his rear left wheel on lap 10 as the seven-times world champion was running in sixth.

Michael Schumacher waving to his supporters & fans

Michael Schumacher was just a spectator on the pit wall as Nico Rosberg secured a first podium for the new Mercedes team at 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix Race Day.

Michael Schumacher on Modenas Motor Bike

Looks cool isn't?

Probably he felt a bit boring at the pit. Hence, he rides the Malaysia National Motor bike - Modenas around the Circuit along with his team member. This type of bike is uniquely available in South East Asia country. I guess he is trying it out. :)

Jenson Button's Girl Friend Jessica Michibata, turn up to be hottest Pit Babes of F1

Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata

JENSON BUTTON has made a flying start to the new Formula One season and we've discovered exactly why he's so revved up. Basically Jessica revs it up for Button. :P

Jenson is currently fourth in the standings after three races with 35 points. And stunning 25 year-old girlfriend Jessica Michibata, will be trackside cheering on the reigning world champion.

To my opinion, it is kind of sweet for Button of having her to follow him thru out all races in this year Grand Prix.

Somehow, there is a big 'huu haa' out there in Europe saying that Jessica Michibata, flouts Malaysia's dress code at the Sepang track outside Kuala Lumpur. Speculating that is part of the Model behaviour as she wore a floor-length gown with a plunging neckline which exposed her bra.

However, in Malaysia, the enforcement on wearing a more conservative dress code on the street is limited to the Malay race which due to their religion - Islam. As long you are not naked or semi naked on the street, I think that’s fine unless is a official performance.

Therefore, Jessica, don't worry and it’s not too revealing. It's just the paparazzi creating topics and news.

Check out the latest snaps of the gorgeous Japanese-born model.

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata

Jessica Michibata

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jessica Michibata - F1

Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata

Jenson Button's father & Jessica Michibata

Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata

Lewis Hamilton Hoon Car Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG set for Charity Auction



The 'Dickhead' Lewis Hamilton's hoon car set to get premium price for charity purposes after burnout at St Kilda. He was fined on summons a maximum of AUD 584.10 while his McLaren team paid to get the car out from a police impound lot.


Mercedes-Benz Australia plans to donate the price difference between the car’s market value and what it actually sells for to charity in an effort to counter suggestions it will profit from what authorities classify as "hooning".




Mercedes-Benz Australia senior manager of communications David McCarthy said, "We have no intention of profiting from this, and the amount that is achieved over the vehicle's normal value will be donated to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a charity we've supported in the past."


An internal auction between Mercedes dealers is due to finish at midday today, with insiders tipping the V8-powered C63 AMG sedan will get substantially more than its AUD 148,900 (before on-road costs) list price, but likely having a little less rubber on its rear tyres.


Lastly, I am stunned with Hoon legislation by Victorian Government. At the good side, it helps to deliver an unexpected bonus to an Australian charity with the car Lewis Hamilton, was caught doing a burnout in likely to sell for more than its new price. However, Victoria Police deny the increased value of the car has been helped by its international publicity.