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TRD models gone from Australia


This story is already been sometimes, but just to confirmed Toyota Australia has pulled the plug on its TRD performance brand, citing the current global financial crisis as the determining factor.

Just 888 TRD vehicles have been delivered since the brand was established in Australia, with the last model set to roll off the production line on 31 March 2009.

The TRD Aurion accounted for 537 of this total since it was first launched 16 months ago, while the TRD Hilux sold 351 units in a much shorter space of time.

Going to Melbourne Grand Prix? This way to the Tram Route...
edvinteo.com in support of Broken Heart (as per Mix.fm)

In Conjunction of MIX.FM advert on Supporting of Broken Heart by Jojo, just a reminder to my fellow blogitizen and mates.

To heal a broken heart is not easy and take times. It's okay to grieve for a time. Seek support from your friends and family as you come to terms with the changes in your life.

So, don't listen to those music that are similar as below:- "But I like those songs :)"

Wonderful old song, back to 90's

Jewel - You Were Meant For Me

Another great 90's POP

LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live

EdvinTeo.com HotTips:

  • Join community groups, volunteer activities, gym, cycling club and etc... for meeting new people in a safe environment.. :P
  • Get a makeover, join a gym or start a diet. As you improve your health and appearance your self-esteem will rise. haha:) well, you will know why later.. 
  • Repeating daily affirmations can help you to regain confidence in yourself.
  • Don't look at past as failures, but rather as opportunities to learn and improve your skills.

So don't listen to music now, Go out and have some fun! and visit my blog daily. :-)

:) OR... listen this cute little song by Lenka - The Show

Not enough of Lenka? Go to my previous post.

The Sound of Muscle Car V8 engine

Edmund's Insideline created a short video with the audio tracks of the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS, 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T and 2010 Ford Mustang GT. Check it out! :P

2009 Tokyo Motor Show Downsized

Organizing a car show in these difficult economic times for automakers and consumers alike is proving to be a very difficult task. Same goes to the 41st Tokyo Motor Show which is to be held on last quarter  of this year is proceeding as planned, the show's organizers have been forced to make a bevy of changes due to limited participation from automakers and general exhibitors. As of March 24, 2009, only a mere 14 carmakers have confirmed participation.


The 14 carmakers includes: Alpina, Daihatsu, Porsche, Ferrari, Subaru, Lotus, Honda, Hyundai, Maserati, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota.

2009 Tokyo Motor Show will be held for a period of 13 days (instead of 17 days) from 23rd October 2009 to 4th November 2009.

edvinteo.com in support of 60 Earth Hour


2009 Honda Civic FD Facelift launched by Honda Malaysia

On the 19 March 2009, Honda Malaysia launched facelifted Civic for both 1.8 and 2.0 automatic line-up. No radical changes to the highly successful model. Just little physical changes takes place at the front and rear lamp.

Honda Malaysia did not offer any new colour variants this time for facelift. The 1.8L does feature a new fabric seat design, and also new are the 2.0L's 17-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels.

As reminder, there are no change mechanically on engine or drive train and etc... just a redesign bumper and lamps.

Civic 2.0














Civic 1.8







Eat Shit Dog

I like this phrase... " 我叫你做食屎狗~食屎狗。。。" from the scene of Prison of Fire by Chow Yun-Fat.

Way Back Into Love

Great lyric, great song, I just love it.

However, 梁静茹 & 品冠 also sang this song together which store inside his latest album. Another wonderful version.

Just Amazing!

Dedicated to all my friends and 'buddy'

Just got back from Little Bally Cafe for a bucket of drinks with a mate. There's live band over with great unplugged singer. Nice songs are sing and performed. There one song that reminds me that is sweet and meaningful by Emil Chau - Peng You (朋友).

I would like to dedicate this songs to all my friends and 'buddy' that surrounded me and supporting me always. Enjoy this song and we will not be alone ok?

Ethan... Go Go, big boy now!

Baby Ethan... Go Go... You're big boy now.

The future artist with sense of music...

The future food lover...

The future car lover...

BMW X5 M and X6 M Prototypes

BMW X5 M and X6 M will be powered by a twin-scroll turbocharged V8 engine developing somewhere around 500-horsepower. It should be the same engine will replace BMW's naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V10 unit on the next-generation M5 and M6 models.

MV: Lenka - The Show

This music it's so cute! Lenka is a new Australian artist and her debut self title album - The Show.

To me, the lyrics of this song have well meaning inside. "I don't know where to go, I can't do it alone (I've tried) and I don't know why!" :P

(With Lyrics)

local Piano version

No Comments for the day

The day are Dark and Hazzy even the Sun are shine... Something goes wrong within me and myself.

I need to recharge this round.

I need holiday!

I am tired...

I am going holiday!

I wanna feel bubbly for life...

E=MHT theory confused me... I need to work harder after a recharge.

By the way, I will be featuring the all-new Mazda 3 at Australia on 1st week of April 2009.

talk to y'all soon!!!

The shocking cost of smartphones

Tips for avoiding bill shock

People are vulnerable to bill shock lately, especially when accessing social networking applications such as Facebook that can automatically generate data traffic without their knowledge with their smartphones or the youngster 'beloved' iPhone.

  • Analyse your usage patterns and choose a plan that fits with that. Many services offer discounts and cheap rates for nominated numbers, as well as free texts, off-peak calls and capped voice and data deals.
    [Tips: Refer - U Mobile Plan]
  • Find out how much the penalties will be if you decide to change plans within your contract period or terminate.
  • Beware of accessing premium rate SMS and multimedia messaging services that are not included in your plan.
  • Compare offers from a range of telco as data usage fees can vary dramatically between different operators.
    [Tips: Refer - DiGi, Celcom and U Mobile Data Plan]
  • Ensure you can switch off any data applications as these can blow out costs substantially when your phone is in roaming mode.
Toyota Rumored to Develop New Low-Price Hybrid

With the new 2010 Honda Insight hybrid already undercutting the current generation Prius in price, Toyota started to worry that Honda's hybrid proposal will have a serious advantage over the next-generation 2010 Prius as the latter will carry an even higher sticker.


According to Japan's Nikkei Business daily, Toyota is planning to confront this problem with the introduction of a new, low-price, hybrid subcompact model that could find its way to overseas markets.
Nikkei claims that the new gasoline-hybrid car will use many modified parts from the Prius with power coming from a smaller engine than the current model's 1.5-liter unit. The new model, that could hit the market as early as 2011, will reportedly cost lesser by 20% to 30% than the current Prius hybrid, which starts at 2.33 million yen.

Trust has successfully reorganised

During September 2008, Trust Co. LTD – the parent company of GReddy Performance Products in the U.S. – declared the Japanese equivalent of Chapter 11. According to a release from the aftermarket parts supplier, Trust has successfully completed the reorganization process and is hoping to be completely back on its feet within the next few months.


During the reorganization, both Trust and GReddy have maintained its workforce in USA and abroad, developed new components, continued to produce parts and serviced its customers around the world.

Source: autoblog

Expensive TV cables are a rip-off

Tests by consumer advocate in Australia - Choice have proven what everyone always suspected on spending hundreds of dollars on high-end home theatre cables is a waste of money.


Choice's report, available to subscribers on its website, tested HDMI cables from Belkin, Monster, Concord, Phillips, Panasonic, Sony and Audioquest, as well as Toslink digital audio cables from Belkin, Monster, Foxtel, DSE, Audioquest and Neotech.

"Although the results were slightly in favour of the more expensive brand for longer lengths, the differences were not enough to conclude any brand delivers a significantly better result," the report added.

"Results for the digital audio cable were even more conclusive, with no advantage to be gained through the use of more expensive cables for better performance."

Source: theage

Ferrari Delivers 1000th Car in Hong Kong

To mark the occasion of the delivery of its 1000th car in Hong Kong, Ferrari organized a special ceremony at the Victoria Harbor on 10th March 2009.



In what is believed to be a 'first' for any automotive company in Hong Kong, Ferrari presented the new 612 Scaglietti 'One-To-One' to its Hong Kong owner, Mr Didier Li, on board 'Huan', a Chinese Junk ship - for the record, that's how these sailling vessels are called.

True to its elitist nature, Ferrari invited more than 65 international media from Hong Kong, Macau and the adjacent markets to report the event. The Italian firm delivered its first model to a Hong Kong customer in the early 1960's. In 2008, Ferrari sold 115 cars in Hong Kong. That's compared to 433 cars delivered to clients in Japan the same period, an increase of 15%, while more than 200 cars were delivered in China for the first time, an increase of 20% on 2007 to 212 units.

MUST WATCH: Best video evidence from Ghost Hunters.

Today, I watched the Ghost Hunters at Astro (CH: 711), Star World. I realise and found this interesting TV show.

Anyway, check out the below for some highlight of Ghost Hunters at YouTube. :P

2009 Targa Tasmania: Mazda's Turbocharged RX-8 SP

Mazda's turbocharged RX-8 SP will be making its Australian rally debut at the 2009 Targa Tasmania. The RX-8 SP with 1,280kg, driven by Steve Glenney and co-driver Bernia Webb, will be competing in the "Showroom 2WD" class.

Developed by Mazda Motorsport Australia, the coupe is powered by a rotary turbo engine rated at about 275-horsepower, with a six-speed manual transmission sending power to the rear wheels. "The RX-8's perfect 50/50 weight balance will give it a huge dynamic advantage on Tasmania's twisting roads. That, combined with its torquey turbocharged engine, will make the RX-8 SP a standout at this year's Targa," says Glenney.



The grueling race runs from 28 April to 3 May 2009, and covers 1890 km including 40 competitive closed-road stages.

Toyota rents ship for unsold cars


Toyota Motor Co. had taken the step of renting a ship in Malmo, Sweden, to store cars due to the poor economy.

On-land storage for unsold Toyotas in the area has hit the max limit of 12,000 vehicles.

To deal with the unsold stocks, Toyota has rented a ship owned by Wallenius Wilhelmsen, so it can nest 2,500 unsold cars on board.

Toyota isn't alone in seeking storage space for unsold products. Chrysler is using a military base in Ontario, Canada, to hold an inventory buildup as well.

What a Cruel Love... OMG!!

酷愛 is one of the hit song from 張敬軒. My intention is to share with all mates that, I find this MV is really weird! Seriously the girl inside is just too mean like a crazy women.
Can someone tell me that, is such women behavior exist on earth??
What a Cruel Love... OMG!!
New vs. Used Cars at this economic climate

Late-model Used Car is always a better value than a brand new one. 

One or two year old Used cars are a smart buy because of depreciation, which means someone else gets stuck with the biggest value-drop. These days, cars last a lot longer, so a car with 40,000km or 60,000km can still have plenty of lifespan.

Due to weak sales, heavy incentives and discounts are offers on new cars. However, a used car is still cheaper than a new one BUT in some cases the price difference will be surprisingly small.

For example:-

  • 2007 Honda Civic 2.0S (USED) - RM108k
  • 2009 Honda Civic 2.0S (NEW) - RM128k

Lately, "Certified pre-owned" cars are another option for Toyota, BMW, VW, Benz and etc... Those cars are selected low-mileage that have been inspected, refurbished as needed and certified as being in top-notch condition.

Most importantly, some dealer have added warranty coverage as well. "Certified pre-owned" cost more than non-certified used cars, but the quality can make the extra cost more than worth it.

Janet's Cathay United Bank Phoenix Titanium Mastercard TV Commercial

Janet Hsieh's TV Commercial
- Cathay United Bank Phoenix Titanium Mastercard

More car industry jobs to go in Australia

The car industry slump is set to cost hundreds more jobs in Melbourne, with parts maker Robert Bosch slashing 12 per cent of its workforce and other firms under stress as the big vehicle makers cut production.


In the latest sign of bleak times, Bosch will axe 170 jobs at its Clayton plant after an "unprecedented" 40 to 50 per cent drop in overseas demand for its parts, as well as a significant slowdown in Australia.

Holden, meanwhile, said yesterday it would cut production by 10 days in April at its Adelaide assembly plant, a move that will place further pressure on local parts makers.


Holden's move came amid fresh speculation that it would rush the closure of its four-cylinder engine plant at Fishermans Bend in Melbourne. The plant, once hailed as an export success story, is due to close in October, but may now be shut by June, bringing forward the loss of about 500 jobs.

Source: theage

2009 Melbourne Motor Show

Show Time in Melbourne!

With the latest vehicles and the odd glimpse into the future, the 2009 Melbourne motor show is a must to visit as usual at The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

2009 Porsche Cayenne Diesel


Ex-rally car Cayenne S TransSyberia (w/ 298 kW)


New 2nd Generation - 2009 Porsche Cayman S



New 2nd Generation - 2009 Porsche Boxster


Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder


2009 Holden Cruze



VW New Golf



VW Pickup



New Mazda 3...





Mazda New MX-5 (with same feel....)


Mazda 2...


KIA Soul



Lexus LF-A Roadster


2009 Lexus RX


Ford Fiesta


Fiesta ECOnetic


Audi R8


Audi Q5


2009 Subaru Exiga


Subaru Stella (Electric Car)


Mitsubishi i- MiEV


2009 Suzuki Alto


Renault Koleos


Renault Megane


Renault CLIO


Renault Laguna


Modified Auto Salon Toyota Yaris



Hybrid Toyota Camry concept



Modified Auto Salon Toyota RAV4



2009 Honda Insight concept


2009 Nissan 370Z



BMW M1 Homage Concept


BMW Z4 sDrive35i


2010 Lotus Evora


2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe


Hyundai i10 blue


11 year-old Heuvel Jr Drives Mitsubishi Lancer EVO II Rally Car Like a Pro

11 year-old Heuvel Jr from Finland getting behind the wheel of on a rally-prepped Mitsubishi Lancer EVO II and driving like a pro on the snow. OMG...