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Announcement: Malaysian Fuel Price May Drop on 1 NOV 2008

Malaysian Fuel Price may drop on 1 NOV 2008 by another 15cents on 12am later...

The detailed will be reveal later... meantime,


Super-insiders information... only @ www.edvinteo.com

2009 Nissan 370Z

Nissan is offering the first look at the brand new 370Z with the release of a set of pictures ahead of the sports coupe's world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on 19 November.


As anticipated, the Japanese automaker did not reveal any technical official specification sheets. But it's no secret that the new Z' will share its more powerful 3.7-liter V6 VQ37 engine producing roughly 330hp that can be hooked up to either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The design team over at Nissan's headquarters chose an evolutionary approach for the 370Z's exterior styling but the sports coupe does appear to sit on a shorter wheelbase than the current 350Z. It also looks like it features a shorter rear overhang which results to a more aggressive stance that reminds us of the BMW Z4 Coupe, one of the Z's main rivals.








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AC Schnizter's BMW X6 Falcon

Now the X6 remains firmly on the ground even at speeds which a normal falcon only achieves in a nosedive. And of course, on every corner. Downforce instead of lift, was the motto in the design of the impressive plumage, styled by Chief Designer Michele Viandante.








The aerodynamics package includes a front skirt with diagonal air inlets, and repositioned fog lamps. The submarining protection has been removed in favour of a dynamically contoured spoiler edge. The Falcon rear now wears a solid skirt with edge frame. In contrast to the original, all components are painted in body colour throughout, so that the body appears drawn further down and hence more dominant.

Instead of the submarining protection also originally fitted here, AC Schnitzer has opted for a rear diffuser and completed the effect with a new rear spoiler. While birds generally sing in high keys, the bass engine note of the Falcon is more suggestive of a big cat.

The twin-flow exhaust system in AC Schnitzer Racing Design however has an excellent resonance section. A lot of noise about nothing? On the contrary: thanks to the Control Unit, AC Schnitzer takes the series diesel engines, already excellent as standard, of types 30d and 35d to 200 kW / 272 HP instead of 173 kW / 235 HP, and 228 kW / 310 HP instead of 210 kW / 286 HP respectively.


Perfect handling with corresponding Look and Feel is achieved with the "EVO" 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel. Instead of the falconer's rings, the "legs" of the Falcon are decorated with the multipiece AC Schnitzer alloy wheels Type Vll. With black or silver paint and a dense sequence of spokes, the 22" rim perfectly complements the challenging appearance. The alternating spread angle of the web pairs gives a refined look. Decorated and equipped in this way, the AC Schnitzer Falcon really has no natural enemies out there.

Source: Press Release of AC Schnitzer

Leaked: 2009 Lexus RX (JDM: Toyota Harrier) SUV

All-new 2009 Lexus RX SUV (JDM: Toyota Harrier) that is slated to make its world premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show in November with sales expected to begin in mid-2009.
















From what we can tell by looking at the pictures from the scanned brochure, Toyota/Lexus seems to have maintained the current RX's crossover-ish silhouette adding a few modern design elements to the mixture like the sculpted lower parts of the doors and a new front grille. Inside it appears that the Japanese automaker has completely overhauled its luxury crossover model which now features a more stylish dashboard with a swoopy-looking center console.

Details are still scarce as we speak, but in what concerns the Japanese market at least, the next generation RX will be offered in the RX350 and the hybrid RX450h.

Source: autospies

Fiona Xie - Best in Asia - Highlights!
Fiona Xie goes Sky Diving @ Perth

Fresh Food Buffet - Margaret River

Cantonese Food Safari - Hong Kong
Top Gear Australia : Episode 4 Highlight

GPS vs. Aboriginal bush tracker challenge - Part 1

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HSV W427 (Fastest Holden ever made) - MUST WATCH!
- 7 Litre V8 Engine
- Faster than BMW M3

Bowling with Holden Astra

Let's reflect on what's really important

Living in the moment with our loved ones may sound trite, but it works.

Everyone's talking about the meltdown. No one understands it really. People understand bits of it, but it's such a monstrosity that no one can possibly get their head around the huge equation of cause and effect.

Money is going to cost more. The euro's going to be the next US dollar. It's an overdue correction. Oil is down a barrel. Forget trying to understand it. Ride the tiger and hang on. But try to remember what's really important.

The people you love.

We don't know what's going on and we don't know what's going to happen. And we can't control it. But at least at the moment we know that we don't know what's going on.

The truth is that we never know what's going on, what's around the corner. We just think we do. At least now we know we're all corks bobbing in the water. That we're all standing on a floating floor that can be pulled out from under us at any time. We just think it's solid. It's not. It never has been.

When will we stop worrying about money? The moment before we die? Just as we are about to take our last breath, will we be overtaken by a sudden wave of relief that we had enough? Enough money for what? And we're all worried about money. No matter how rich or poor we are.

Financial fireworks are always bound to lead to emotionally vivid times. We humans love to solve a problem by throwing energy at it. Maybe that won't work this time. Maybe the lesson to be reminded of is that ups and downs, wins and losses, and feast and famine are unavoidable parts of our lives.

People are gripped by fear and driven by insecurity. How much can we do about the global economic crisis? Regretting spending those thousands on last year's overseas trip, new car or renovation is pointless. Times are tough. But they could be tougher. And there'll always be someone doing it easier than you. And tougher than you. And guess what? The tables turn when you least expect it.

What can we do? Maybe not bite off more than we can chew. Bring back lay-bys. Bring back saving. Bring back going without. Bring back fixing things. But while we're waiting, enjoy the moment.

Learn what's important. Sounds trite I know, but during this rough stuff we can't just think, "I'll wait until everything's happy and then I'll have fun and live in the moment". You might not be able to afford a holiday, but you can afford a picnic. Times may be tough, but we're still alive.

That's the really tricky bit. To move our focus away from the big scary things that probably won't happen and enjoy what we have - our friends, our families and ourselves. Because these troubled times will pass. But our loved ones may not be there tomorrow.

Spied! New Mazda3 hot-hatch imitates WRX

The hottest version of the next-generation Mazda3 has been spied testing at the Nurburgring.

Our secret photos reveal the new Mazda3 MPS will imitate Subaru's iconic WRX with a bonnet scoop and larger rear wing when it reaches local showrooms in the second half of 2009.

The bonnet scoop contributes to the new 3 MPS's more aggressive styling that responds to criticism that the original looked too subtle for a car boasting 190kW.

The ultimate Mazda3's new bonnet scoop, however, has also been introduced because the new-generation model's new, lower grille – seen in official pictures of the Mazda3 sedan – is not large or high enough to feed sufficient air to the MPS's top-mounted intercooler.

That intercooler sits atop a carried-over version of the current 3 MPS's 2.3-litre turbocharged direct-injection four-cylinder – though, as the spy pictures reveal, exhaust gases will exit via two single pipes this time rather than one.

Power and torque (380Nm) figures will remain barely unchanged, though fuel consumption (currently 10.0L/km) will be improved.





Mazda has worked on improving how the 3 MPS gets its power to the ground by finessing the 3 MPS's electronic limited-slip differential, as well as the torque-control measures used for first and second gears during take-off and cornering.

Inside word also has it that the new Mazda3 MPS is faster around the fabled Nurburgring than the outgoing model, which has already proved to be no slouch by lapping the 21km track in 8 minutes, 39 seconds.

Source: Drive

Why men love scarlet women

The popular ballad Lady in Red is poised to take on a whole new meaning: a study published today shows the colour red makes men see women as hotter or, more scientifically put, more attractive.

Lady In Red

Researchers from the University of Rochester in New York conducted five psychological experiments to demonstrate the colour makes men feel more amorous toward women.

In the experiments, groups of young men looked briefly at a picture of a moderately attractive woman printed on a red background, and the same woman then on a white, grey or green background. They also looked at a woman in red clothing, and the same one in blue clothing.

The men found the lady with a red background more attractive, both physically and sexually.

Comparing the woman in a red shirt to the same woman dressed in blue, men said they were more likely to ask the lady in red on a date and to lavish more money on her.

As part of one of the experiments, as well, the researchers sought to see whether a group of women were similarly more attracted to the woman shown against a red backdrop than a background of a different colour. They were not.

What the researchers call the red-sex link could have roots in humans' biological heritage.

For instance, among primates, females display more red on parts of their body when they are nearing ovulation, probably to attract the male of the species.

"Research has shown that male primates are indeed particularly attracted to female conspecifics exhibiting red," the study says.

To the authors of the study, University of Rochester psychology professor Andrew Elliot and postgraduate researcher Daniela Niesta, the experiments' findings confirm what "women have long suspected and claimed: that men act like animals in the sexual realm."

And, they added, the fact that men are more turned on by women in red also confirms that, although men like to think that they respond to women "in a thoughtful and sophisticated manner, it appears that at least to some degree their preferences and predilections are, in a word, primitive".

Source: AFP - Via theage.com.au

Holden Commodore - 30th Anniversary

The first Commodore rolled off the production line on October 25, 1978 and since then GM's Australian subsidiary has produced more than 2.5 million units of the mid-size model which has become Holden's longest-standing and most successful nameplate.


The Commodore, which gradually replaced the larger Kingswood as Holden's leading family car range went on to become Australia's best-selling vehicle, a title it has held for the past 12 years and is on track to maintain that position in 2008.

Commodore has subsequently collected more than 60 major motoring awards and won the prestigious Wheels Car of the Year award a record five times – VB (1978), VN (1988), VR (1993), VT (1997) and VE (2006).

During its three-decade long career, the Commodore also managed to win 18 Bathurst victories and nine V8 touring car and supercar championships in Australia.

GM Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mark Reuss said Commodore had become a symbol of local design and engineering expertise and Australia's ability to compete on the world stage. "Over thirty years Commodore has earned a place in the hearts and minds of generations of Australian families," Mr Reuss said.

Major model changes occurred in 1988 with the introduction of the VN Commodore that was based on the Opel Omega A, in 1997 with the VT Commodore that was once again heavily based on the Opel Omega B and in 2006 with the VE Commodore which was developed in Australia and led to the Pontiac G8 that is selling in the U.S.

Like it's Kingswood predecessor, the Commodore also formed the basis for several spinoffs including the Ute pickup truck, the luxury Statesman and Caprice models as well as the Monaro Coupe that was exported to the U.S. rebadge as Pontiac GTO.

Mazda RX8 officially launched by Bermaz Motor, Malaysia

Bermaz Motor has just launched the new fully imported facelifted Mazda RX8 in Malaysia. The compact 4-door Mazda RX8 rides on an aluminium double wishbone front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension. Its large 18 inch wheels with 225/40R18 low profile tyres.




A peak 158Kw @ 7,500rpm (equal to 215PS) while peak torque is 211Nm @ 5,500rpm, which puts the car’s power figures close to the Civic Type R FD2 225 PS and 215Nm. However, the model that Bermaz Motor imported is an Automatic transmission model. This model is de-tuned with less output to cater our climate and the reliability of the RENESIS engine. The gas seal lubrication system has been changed from a mechanical type to a electromagnetic type, and there is now one additional nozzle for a total of 3 now. This improves lubrication performance, which extends rotor seal life and fuel efficiency.



RX8 has a variable redline that prevents overrevving when the engine temperature is low. Hence, the sporty blackout-type 3-meter cluster features a unique variable red zone in the tachometer that moves according to engine conditions.

This RX8 goes for RM232,999.00 On-The-Road without insurance with a 3-year warranty and comes with only a 6-speed Activematic automatic transmission model.

For more info, go to www.mazda.com.my

Acura Gets V8


Honda CEO Takeo Fukui has reportedly approved the development of a V8 engine for the Japanese company's prestige brand Acura, which could quite possibly find its way into the RL (Legend under Honda Badge) luxury sedan and MDX SUV.

The news confirms rumours that circulated around the Internet earlier this year, predicting a Honda V8 by 2010.

Since the company was formed, Honda has resisted the urge to put a bent-eight under the bonnets of its passenger cars (Mugen Legend MAX excluded, of course), instead opting for highly-tuned fours and sixes which, while powerful, have always come under criticism for being somewhat lacking in torque - a criticism that Fukui himself acknowledges:

"I don't think that the Acura RL 3.7-liter is sufficient. We can't compete with other premium brands," said Mr Fukui in an interview with Automotive News.

While not much is known about the upcoming V8, it's pretty much a sure-fire thing that it'll boast a good spread of torque with some decent power on top, while cylinder deactivation, direct-injection and other concessions to eco-friendliness may also be incorporated into its design.

Power is guesstimated to be around the 313kW mark, while displacement will likely be close to 4.8 litres. These are all rumours for now though, so take these figures with a grain of salt. We'll have more news on Acura's new powerplant for you as it comes to hand.

Source: Autonews

Toyota iQ Modellista

Toyota's in-house customization firm Modellista has introduced a pair of cosmetic packages for the all-new iQ mini car that is set to go on sale in Japan this November.

The Modellista Version Maxi is the sportier of the two packages as it adds a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear spoiler that houses twin sport exhaust tailpipes.

The less extravagant Version Mixture includes mirror caps, side window decals, a rear door lock cover and protective door strips which are available in various colors.

For those that aren't contempt with the basic packages, Modellista offers many more accessories including 16-inch alloy wheels, a sport suspension and a different grille for the front bumper.








Subaru Impreza WRX STI 20th Anniversary Edition


Subaru is celebrating the Impreza WRX STI's 20th birthday with the launch of a special edition model that will be available only in Japan with production limited to 300 units. The Impreza WRX STI 20th Anniversary gets a sportier suspension setup with new coilover dampers while exterior upgrades include the addition of a flat black front lip spoiler and rear wing as well as special decals and 18-inch alloy wheels as standard.

In the interior, the commemorative edition is enhanced with a set of Recaro bucket seats decorated with cherry-red stitching and an STI leather gearbox knob. Prices for the Impreza WRX STI 20th Anniversary are set in Japan at 4,126,500 Yen.
























Top Gear Australia : Episode 3 Highlight

BMW X6 review

$500 Wrecks challenge - Part 1

$500 Wrecks challenge - Part 2

Don't abuse her!

Stop it! Don't Abuse Her!

It breaks our heart seeing the abuse that this Ferrari F430 endured from a bunch of bystanders along with the tow truck man after what seems to be a horrific accident that ended with the supercar viewing the road from its rooftop.

It's not because it's a Ferrari, is the same thing for any other car, but it just gets to our nerves when we see people treating someone's property in this kind of way.

Plug-in Mini Cooper ready to charge

Starting next year drivers in the Los Angeles and New York areas will be able to lease a fleet of 500 all-electric Coopers from BMW's Mini division.


The Mini E, as it's called, will be able to travel 150 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 95 miles per hour.

For this test fleet of vehicles, BMW will reimburse customers for the cost of charging. But at a monthly cost of $850, driving the Mini E will not be cheap.

Besides the car and electricity, however, the monthly payment will cover all required technical service and maintenance. The cars will be leased on yearly contracts with an option for additional time. At the end of the lease, the cars will be returned to BMW.

Source: CNNMoney.com

Nissan 370Z First Drive with Interior Shots by Edmunds.com

Edmunds.com has also released a video of its first encounter with the all-new 2009 Nissan 370Z after the Nissan invited a group of journalists to test drive a pre-production prototype model.

If we'd like to make a short list of the most important changes on the 370Z these would include: the shorter wheelbase, the Infiniti-derived 3.7-liter V6 engine, the less fussy design and the better quality materials in the interior.

Source: Edmunds.com

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Tech Challenge Final - 18 Oct 2008

TECH CHALLENGE 2008 is an exciting event that organised by the Service Operation Department and Spare Parts Department of Honda Malaysia. This event provides challenging platform for all Honda Service Advisors, Service Engineers, Parts Controllers and BP Repair Technicians to demonstrate their automotive skills and knowledge to be ever ready to serve the Honda owner better.


This event held at Honda Training Centre at Honda Pegor Plant, Malacca on 18 Oct 2008.





I am one of the lucky eight (8) customers to feel and witnessing this exciting event with all the Honda Dealers in Malaysia.


Photo Session with all the finalists, Daisuke san (Senior Mgr, Service Operation Dept) and Atsushi san (HMSB CEO) after opening speech in the morning.

Honda Front Desk



Active Delivery (When the customer come to pick-up their car after the repair has been completed)


Explaining and go-thru the perform task with the customer.

Hand over the car to the customer after removing the steering cover, floor cover and seat cover by SA.

Follow up with customer


Calling up the customer and update the progress of the job.

Role play as a customer via telephone

Body works and Painting

Damaged door that prepare for the contestants

Working on the door... Placing the O Liner to the dented part.

Pulling out the dented part.

Knocking job...

Output after repaired by USJ Car Express contestant

Close-up snap on the above picture.

Proper and Complete Tools for Body Repair works

Knocking on the front fender.
** I felt that the dented part is tricky to the contestants because the repair part is all at the edge of the body lining.

Verifying the art work by Event Judge

Output of the repaired front fender.

Apply patch and polishing it until the surface turn smooth

Heat up for dry up the patch before paint job.

Paint Mixing Station

Contestant is mixing the color according to specification

Output of the patched surface. It is smooth as new!

Output of the Painted front fender from the oven.

Status board at the Body and Paint Section

Parts Section


Do you notice that those fast moving parts are always placed near the counter at your regular Honda service center? Actually this is a standard design for all Honda Parts Center to place the parts in this sequence to ease the work flow.

See that? Those item like windscreens will placed near the loading gate.

Engine Section


Exam questions...

Bible of the maintenance, repair and construction of the car.

As thick as a encyclopedia....

Working on the camshaft

This competition wrap-up at around 3pm follows by a tea break and closing note by Mr. Gan (Assistant Manager, Training Centre).

'Skill Up . Step Up . Skill Up'

I conclude this event is successful and a memorable one for everyone at Tech Challenge 2008. I believed that the desire of service personnel to improve and the enjoyment of improving will ultimately lead to greater satisfaction to all Honda customers after this event. Keep up!

In addition, it will be great if I could have the opportunity to visit the Assembly Plant on next event that organised by HMSB. [Annie, please take note ya....]

Further, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kitson from USJ Car Express to go-thru the detailed of the outputs at the body & paint section as well. As results of that, now I gain more knowledge and understanding on the craftsmanship in Body works.


Thanks Honda Malaysia for the hospitality and premium opportunity on this memorable event.

Top Gear Australia : Episode 2 Highlight
FPV F6 vs HSV Clubsport R8

Ute Challenge

Smart Hearse
Motor Trend Releases Video of 370Z Prototype

Motor Trend were forbidden to talk about how the 370Z actually handles on the road, nor were they even allowed to video the interior or engine bay.

Despite this, senior editor Edward Loh still managed to dig up a few precious nuggets of info on the all-new Z, chief among these being the fact that the doors and hatch are no longer steel, but are instead made of aluminium or some kind of lightweight materials.

Check out the video below on the 370Z Prototype by Motor Trend.

Source: Motor Trend

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My Voted "Jazz Queen of Asia" : Olivia Ong

Enjoy! She is my voted "Jazz Queen of Asia"... her voice perfect and soothing to the soul...

Introducing..... Olivia Ong from Singapore.

Fly Me To The Moon (Taken Live @ Mosaic Festival 2008)

Olivia Ong- All Out Of Love

More nice and sweet jazz songs in her latest album "Fall In Love With OLIVIA". Grab yourself a copy now before all gone at the shelf!


Honda's Tech Challenge Grand Final 2008


I am lucky enough to have the chance to experience and get pampered by Honda this year for their Tech Challenge Grand Final that held at Honda Training Centre in Malacca on 18 October 2008.

Hence, I will keep posted in my blog to update on this exclusive event experience.

My Pre-departure Checklist:-

  • EOS 400D Body and Lenses
  • Fully-charged Battery for EOS 400D
  • Compact Flash Memory Card
  • EOS 400D Charger
  • T-shirt and Pants.
  • Maybe... a cap
  • Travelling Kit
  • Shoe and Sock
  • GPS Navigator (just in-case)

Yes! I am ready for departure now.

Stay tune with edvinteo.com for more real exclusive automobile related experience!

The 'Art' of Speaking and Communication

Before i start off on today's article... a glass of chilled 'Kwai Feh' Lychee Liqueur will make my day tonight.



Back to Today's topic, "the 'Art' of Speaking and Communication". Tonight I would like to emphasize on how important and impact of the 'Art' of Speaking and Communication.

You won't like the feeling of the people out there saying that, 'You crazy bum, please get away from me and save my day!'. Aren't you? So, please be considerate and 'think' before you talk.

Listen here.

How? Sometimes when a person that chatting with you, he doesn't like to hear certain things or conflicts that you mentioning... Then try not to say it at all and feel it with your sense.

Common mistake? Some people like to use the word, - 'WE' when chatting. However, try not to use the word 'WE' when the individual are talking to another individual (especially the chat topic has NO RELEVANT with the other party). When people talking to you, is referring to you and NOT referring to 'all of you'. So, don't say 'WE' because people are not interested to know anything more.

Whenever speaking! - try to emphasize logic, reasoning, and evidence, because human are emotional beings. By saying wrong things, people will be either laughing it up or annoyed by your words.

Question and Answers? When person query is raised, try to answer appropriately and DO NOT PRETEND not aware of the question and try to skip it. Or... DO NOT PRETEND to be smart enough to simply answer the query.

Tips? Stay calm and be confidence when talking! Smart is good enough but NOT PRETENDING to be Smart.

Honda Reveals All-New Odyssey MPV in Japan

The forth-generation of Odyssey which will go on sale in Japan on the 17 October 2008 (Today) with Honda claiming that it will be able to push out around 4,000 units per month in the domestic market. The new 7-seater minivan's styling is apparently inspired from Honda's latest models and especially from the European market Accord Station Wagon.

According to Honda, the Odyssey achieves an average fuel consumption in the Japanese combined cycle of 13.2 km/litre which translates to an overly optimistic 7.6 litre/100 km.
















Ford Asks Denso to Buy Mazda Shares?


In times like this rumors are bound to flourish. Following last weekend's unconfirmed reports that cash-strapped Ford is considering selling the majority of its 33,4% stake in Mazda, Japan's Nikkei business daily reported today that the American carmaker approached auto parts supplier Denso to buy a small part of Mazda. The Japanese newspaper's unnamed sources said that the number of Mazda shares that Denso would acquire hadn't yet been finalized. However, the report noted that Denso was likely to buy less than 1% of Mazda's stock from Ford.

Denso on its behalf issued a statement on its official website that creates more questions than answers. "Today a Japanese newspaper reported that DENSO is considering the purchase of shares of Mazda Motor Corporation from Ford Motor Company. DENSO has not announced any information regarding this article. DENSO does not have any information to disclose at this moment," said the company's press release.

Source: Denso Corp - Press Release

Could you sacrifice one trip to Starbucks per week?

Despite the financial climate, despite the credit crisis, despite house prices falling, and etc…  Hence, i consider one of the lucky ones.

  • I don't have to worry about family allowances
  • I don't wonder on my next meal.
  • I don't have to sleep outdoors tonight.

I have access to food, shelter and warm clothing. I have clean water on tap. I have access to electricity at the flick of a switch. I have job opportunities and leisure time. I even have the privilege of having some savings to worry about in these economic climate… while many people don’t have even enough money to survive.

At the moment many of us are cutting our spending at this economic downturn, the question is... could you sacrifice one trip to Starbucks per week?

In return, by doing donation or invest wisely?

BREAKING NEWS: DOW drops more than 450 points as investors worry that recent government actions won't be enough to revive the economy.
Well, guess we need to sit tight for roller coaster again on tomorrow morning stock market in Asia. However, I suggest to buy some quality blue-chip counter during this economic climate, and of course at your own allocated budget.
Nissan Response To The Porsche Query On The Claimed Track Record Dispute


By now most of you have read my previous posting regarding Porsche own tests using a US-spec R35, it couldn't get within 20 seconds of Nissan's claimed record.

Porsche are saying Nissan "cheated" on their record attempt by using either R-comp tyres, a juiced-up engine or both, but now Nissan has issued their own official rebuttal to the German automaker's allegations - and it intends to introduce hard, physical evidence to support its case.

Nissan's counter-argument to Porsche's claim is that the Bridgestone RE070R tyres fitted to the car they used for their tests aren't quite as soft as the Dunlop SP Sport 600's that were used on Nissan's record-setting R35 (and which are fitted as standard to all base model GT-Rs).

Nissan also raised the issue that Porsche may not have observed the proper running-in procedure for the R35 before conducting its lap attempts, and that the driver they used (a Porsche chassis engineer) wasn't familiar with the methods required to extract "the full capabilities of the GT-R".

If indeed there was any doubt about what tyres Nissan themselves used, the automaker has said that it is more than happy to display the very rubber that was fitted for the 7:29 lap (left), which were sent to tyre manufacturer Sumitomo for promotional purposes after the record time was was set. As for the idea that the GT-R's highly specialised hardware received some judicious fiddling before it went on the track, Kazutoshi Mizuno, chief engineer of the R35, had this to say:

"Testing a car with specialized parts such as unique tires or suspension has no meaning for us. The GT-R was designed from the start to be a supercar that could be driven anywhere, anytime and by anyone. For us, testing the car in standard production specification is far more relevant than creating a one-off vehicle that our customers cannot buy,"

In the case of Porsche vs Nissan, there's no smoke and mirrors obscuring the truth... But I would said both supercar are equally good and potential.

Track Test Video Clip (In Japanese)

Source: Carsguide/GT-R Blog

g e n t l e m e n


- A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior and superior social position.

As a gentlemen person, we have to considers justice to be essential in everything. A true gentleman is trustworthy person and one who is never unintentionally rude. But believe me, there exists no such dilemma as that in which a gentleman is placed when he is forced to reply to a blackguard.

No matter what happen to you or me... A gentlemen here will be always stand by your wing, invisibly supporting and working hard together with you. :P Cheers mate!

Nissan 370Z to be Revealed on Oct. 29

The countdown for the revelation of the much hyped Z car has began. According to the folks over at Edmunds' Insideline who were invited by Nissan to take a "fair-play" sneak-peek at the all-new 370Z sports coupe, we won't have to wait until the Los Angeles Auto Show opening on November 21 to get our first glimpse of the 350Z's successor as the Japanese automaker will release official photos on October 29 followed by technical information on November 11.





Source: Carscoop

BN Government Further Reduced Fuel Prices

Fuel prices will be reduced by a further from now - 15 October 2008 at Malaysia.

RON 97 petrol is reduced by 15sen to RM2.30 ; RON 92 petrol is reduced by 10sen to RM2.20 ; and diesel is reduced by 20sen to RM2.20.

The previous two reductions were on 23 August 2008 and 24 September 2008.

Why the government reduce it so sudden and giving false information to the reporter? Don't ask why... I tired of the reading newspaper lately. Or maybe this is called 'surprise'? 

Rick Price - Heaven Knows MV

This song is awesome (by Rick Price)! Try to catch the lyric and understand this song, then you will know what i mean... It is so sweet and touch! It bring back the 90's memories as well.

I want you to listen to this ya! :P

If you are unplugged kaki's, try this:-

@ Live & Loud : Acoustic, KL Convention Center, 29th November 2007
JDM Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X GSR Premium Edition








Mitsubishi has refreshed its 2009 Lancer Evolution X line-up with the introduction of a new top-of-the-line GSR Premium edition that sits above the RS and GSR models. No different mechanically from the other EVO Xs, the Premium edition is distinguished on the outside by the 18-inch BBS alloy wheels, the front fog lights and the body colored hood and fender scoops while it also features a set of Bilstein shocks.

Inside the GSR Premium gets Recaro leather bucket seats, a satellite navigation system, side and curtain airbags as well as a Rockford Fosgate audio system with nine-speakers. For the 2009 version, the Japanese-market Lancer EVO X range also benefits from minor revisions to the instrument panel and a new floor console.

New 2009 VW Golf GTI VI Promotional Video

After VW releasing their first official video, VW has proceeded to the release of the first promotional film for its new hot compact hatch that will enter production in next year. The extended version of the promo film starts off with a guy sky diving down to earth then taking the GTI back home where he leaves a flower on the bed of his sleeping beauty.

Porsche acuses Nissan of fudging GT-R Nurburgring lap


The gang at Porsche were never happy the GT-R ran around the Nurburgring in 7:29. Porsche purchased a Nissan GT-R and tried it out on the Nurburgring driven by one of Porsche’s chassis development engineers who they claim is an expert with the Nurburgring. According to Porsche, they only managed to get a lap time of 7 minutes and 54 seconds. On the same day, Porsche says the 911 Turbo managed 7 minutes and 38 seconds while the 911 GT2 managed 7 minutes and 34 seconds.

The test using a stock GT-R and Porsche says the GT-R is a full 25seconds slower than Nissan claimed, and subsequently slower than either Porsche. Take into consideration that the Porsches pack more punch and less weight than the GT-R and their suspicion makes sense.

Porsche engineers claim the GT-R’s lap-time, which is videotaped from inside, could not have been from a production car. Instead, they suspect the car was tuned, at least when it came to the tires. Nissan has yet to respond.

Effect of Discs Brake after washing the wheels while its hot!

This is the effect of the Brake Discs after a experiment wash on the wheels while its hot!

As I suggest, let it cool down for at least 30 mins before you start washing the wheels. Or else, the lifespan of your discs will be reduced.




Lexus IS 250 Sports Concept @ Sydney Motorshow




At the on-going Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, Lexus unveiled a new version of its IS 250 sports sedan called the Sports Concept.

The show car has been outfitted with 19" wheels hiding cross-drilled two-piece rotors clamped by six-pot calipers up front and four-pots in the rear, painted trademark Lexus F blue. It also sports Bilstein shocks and springs; sway bars and chassis braces; an enlarged air intake and cat-back exhaust; a new clutch and short-shift kit; a carbon fiber engine cover and an assortment of spoilers and skirts.

In short, what we're looking at is an IS F, only without the 5-liter V8. The revised breathing systems squeeze out a modest 1.5 percent increase in output from the 2.5-liter V6 for a total of about 213hp. The add-ons are currently being considered for the Australian market, but we're sure there are plenty of fans of the IS F on this side of the globe who don't need to hit 60 in the fours and wouldn't mind a more affordable alternative given the current economic climate.

Source: Lexus Australia

Mazda: No decision on Ford's stake


Mazda denied Saturday that a decision had been made by troubled Ford Motor Co. to sell its stake in the Japanese automaker, but didn't rule out a possible deal.

Japanese media reported Saturday that Ford was considering selling its one-third stake in Hiroshima-based Mazda Motor Corp. Public broadcaster NHK, without citing sources, reported that Ford would maintain some of its stake in Mazda and management ties.

"Nothing has been decided," Mazda said in a statement received Saturday.

"Any important decision will be disclosed." Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford said in a statement, "We do not want to comment on speculation."

"Our relationship with Mazda has not changed," Ford said.

The move, should it happen, would be a symbolic retreat for U.S. automakers in Japan. General Motors Corp (GM, Fortune 500). similarly sold off its stakes in Japanese automakers in recent years.

Selling shares of Mazda, which makes the RX-8 sports car and Miata roadster, would furnish Ford with cash as it tries to turn around its business.

In the other hand, Ford has struggled amid a drastic downturn in U.S. auto sales, burning through nearly $11 billion of its cash stockpile in the past year. It reported its worst-ever quarterly loss of $8.7 billion in the second quarter.

Speculation has risen that Ford may file for bankruptcy, although it has denied that. Ford's stock price has also suffered, plunging to its lowest level in 25 years.

Source: CNNMoney.com

IMF warns of meltdown

The IMF warned the world's financial system was near meltdown and France promised that a meeting of European leaders in Paris will detail measures to keep a market panic from triggering the most severe global downturn in decades.

The Sunday Times newspaper said Britain will launch its biggest retail bank rescue on Monday when the four largest, HBOS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and Barclays, ask for a combined 35 billion pound ($60.5 billion) lifeline.

The International Monetary Fund said it backed a Group of Seven plan to try to stabilise markets and urged "exceptional vigilance, coordination and readiness to take bold action" to contain a firestorm that pushed global stocks to five-year lows on Friday.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, meeting in France, said they had "prepared a certain number of decisions" to present at a European summit on Sunday to try to restore normal flows in blocked credit markets.

France's Economy Minister, Christine Lagarde, said just before leaving Washington the Sunday gathering would go beyond talking about remedies to "put meat, muscles on the bones of that skeleton and to develop, follow up and execute upon it".

The US appealed for patience but the IMF said time was short after the Group of Seven industrialised nations failed to agree on concrete measures to end the crisis at a meeting on Friday.

"Intensifying solvency concerns about a number of the largest US-based and European financial institutions have pushed the global financial system to the brink of systemic meltdown," IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said.

Mr Strauss-Kahn later expressed hope that government actions would prove powerful enough to persuade banks to resume lending and bring an end to a spreading credit crunch.

"In the coming days ... what I expect is that the reaction by the different institutions will be positive enough to unfreeze the different markets and to restore the necessary funding," he said at a news conference.

Source: Reuters

Global Crisis: Rudd guarantees all financial deposits

The Federal Government of Australia will guarantee all money deposits of any size for the next three years as a key step towards safeguarding the nation from the impact of the global financial crisis.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today said that local banks remained in first class shape but the global financial crisis was affecting confidence across the world, including in Australia.

Mr Rudd said Australia was better positioned than practically every other country to see its way through the crisis.

But, he said, the government had decided on three further measures to maintain continued stability of the Australian financial system.

The measures announced today would "unclog the arteries of the global financial system" which had dried up credit because of fears banks would fail, he said.

The Australian government will:-

  • Guarantee all term wholesale funding by Australian banks operating in international credit markets. This means anyone lending money to an Australian bank has an absolute assurance their money is safe.
  • Guarantee all deposits of any size in any financial institution for the next three years. The government originally proposed that be $20,000 or less.
  • Direct the Australian Office of Financial Management to purchase an additional $4 billion in residential mortgage backed securities. This will ensure the Australian mortgage market has access to sufficient funds for future operations.

Mr Rudd said many foreign banks, much less well run and regulated than Australian banks, were now guaranteed by their governments, placing local banks at a disadvantage when competing for funding on global markets.

"I will not stand idly by while Australian banks are disadvantaged in international credit market places because of the actions taken by foreign governments in support of them," he told reporters in Canberra today.

"We must act now because other governments with weaker banks have moved to make those institutions more competitive than our stronger banks."

Mr Rudd said if the government was going to guarantee those lending to banks, it was only fair that the government protect Australian working families, carers, small businesses and all other depositors.

"The Australian government will guarantee all deposits whatever their size in all Australian banking institutions for three years - banks, building societies and credit unions," he said.

Mr Rudd said Australian banks would be on the same footing as other international banks.

He said in return for the guarantees, banks would have to pay an insurance premium.

"That will be levied at an appropriate rate determined between treasury and themselves, which will go to ensure that this is not simply a free gift from the government by way of a guarantee to the banks."

Mr Rudd said there would be bumps on the road ahead. "We are in the economic equivalent of a rolling national security crisis and the challenges are great," he said.

Source: AAP

Back in Year 2006... We try Coke Light & Mentos... but...

Today, I was doing backup of my old hard disk (due to potentially failure) to the new drive.

I found this video that taken back in Year 2006...

Me and David try the project Coke Light & Mentos... However, we somehow failed it. But doesn't matter because this is a good experience and great time!

The Week of Fear...


Investors have spent the year fleeing the scourge of leverage - the accumulation of assets via massive amounts of debt. A collapse of market confidence contributed to the failure of heavily indebted firms like Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual, and forced the nationalization of AIG (AIG, Fortune 500) and others. Panic sales of companies that depend on borrowing in the locked-up short-term credit markets have only accelerated this week, with Morgan Stanley (MS, Fortune 500) off 25% two days in a row.

But it could be worse, believe it or not ?!?! While the stock market's October dive has decimated brokerage statements and retirement accounts around the world, the selling so far has spared the currency of the biggest debtor of all, the U.S. government.

President Bush remarks cap a week in which fear gripped the financial markets worldwide. The Dow Jones industrial average had its worst week ever, falling just over 1,874 points, or 18%. Wall Street lost roughly $2.4 trillion in market value during the week, according to losses in the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000, the broadest measure of the market.

Since the mid-September collapse of Lehman Brothers sparked the latest chaos in the financial markets, Bush has repeatedly tried to reassure the Americans.

"We can solve this crisis - and we will," said Bush, in a speech at the White House Friday, his 27th commentary on the nation's financial health. "Here's what the American people need to know: The U.S. government is acting, and we will continue to act, to resolve this crisis and return stability to our markets," he said.

The government has started taking a number of steps to attack the crisis, Bush said Friday. These include helping homeowners to refinance into more affordable mortgages; cutting the target for the federal funds rate; unveiling a plan to support the market for commercial paper; and offering government insurance for money market mutual funds.

The plan will authorize the Treasury to buy bad mortgage-related investments from finance companies, unfreezing the credit markets by freeing up banks and finance firms to lend once again.

Source: CNNMoney.com/Fortune

Skyline R32 Pick-up / Ute @ Japan

Enjoy the vid of the black Skyline R32 pick-up truck getting sideways! The car in this video is the first such vehicle that I've ever seen and it sure does look well executed. A credit to its owner then, who appears to hail from one of Japan's NATS technical colleges.

E39 pick-up with M5 V8 Engine

From YouTube, we discovered that the owner of the Aussie-made pick-up truck / Ute with the M5 V8 engine has uploaded a video of his controversial creation. Hit the jump to check out this bad boy from Victoria and don't forget to turn the volume all the way up to get a taste of how an M5 V8 engine sounds!

Nissan GT-R 4 door Coupe Rendering from Best Car


The potent GT-R is proving to be extremely popular with the Japanese media that simply can't get enough of Nissan's twin-turbocharged supercar. Following earlier speculations for a GT-R based Infiniti sports sedan, Japanese magazine Best Car is now reporting in its latest issue that Nissan is also working on a 4door-coupe variant of the GT-R.

"In The Process of Disposing"

Yesterday, I went to visit one of the local Universities in Malaysia. When I walking the stairs to the Level 4, I saw this door sticks with a note stating "In The Process of Disposing" (In Bahasa) at the corridor of the stairs.

Can someone explain to me, what is the process involve and pending there to dispose a door? :P


2010 Mazda 3 Teaser at Sydney Motorshow

As Mazda was sending the pictures of its all-new Mazda3 Sedan to the world's automotive media, the first teaser film of the subcompact sedan broke cover at the Japanese automaker's video wall at the Sydney Motor Show late last night. The presentation was performed by Mazda Executive Vice President Philip Spender who flew to Australia specifically for this reason. "Today is the world's first look at the new-generation Mazda3, a compact car that will build further on the Stylish, Insightful and Spirited foundations laid by its predecessor," said Mr. Spender.

"We chose Sydney to give the world its first look at the new Mazda3's striking design. Following that, North America will host the world debut of the Mazda3 sedan in late November. Shortly after that the new-generation Mazda3 five-door hatchback will debut on the European continent," he added.

"We've developed the new-generation Mazda3 to be a small-car leader around the world. The Mazda3's expressive and emotional styling, heightened driving dynamics, quality and refinement will propel it to even greater heights than the very successful model it replaces."

Source: Carscoop

Some initial photos of new 2010 Mazda 3





Fed, ECB, Central Banks Cut Rates in Coordinated Move




The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and four other central banks lowered interest rates in an unprecedented coordinated effort to ease the economic effects of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The Fed, ECB, Bank of England, Bank of Canada and Sweden's Riksbank each cut their benchmark rates by half a percentage point. The Bank of Japan, which didn't participate in the move, said it supported the action. Switzerland also took part. Separately, China's central bank lowered its key one-year lending rate by 0.27 percentage point.

Today's decision follows a global meltdown that sent U.S. stock indexes heading for their biggest annual decline since 1937; Japan's benchmark today had the worst drop in two decades. Policy makers are also aiming to unfreeze credit markets after the premium on the three-month London interbank offered rate over the Fed's main rate doubled in two weeks to a record.

World Recession Fears 

Global policy makers are reducing rates as economies weaken around the world. The International Monetary Fund said the global economy is heading for a recession in 2009 and increased its estimate of losses from the financial crisis to $1.4 trillion.

The crisis already prompted the U.S. to enact a $700 billion program to buy troubled assets from banks in an effort to prop them up. U.K. banks will get a 50 billion-pound ($87 billion) government bailout, while Spain will spend as much as 50 billion euros to buy bank assets. European governments have also moved to rescue banks Fortis, Dexia SA and Hypo Real Estate Holding AG.

The U.S. Treasury said today it sees "severe dislocations" in the government bond market and plans to sell more debt to address shortages. The market problems "are across the Treasury market curve" and are primarily affecting medium and long-term debt, from two-year notes through 30-year bonds, a Treasury official told reporters.

The Fed's Open Market Committee, which voted unanimously for today's move, said in its statement that "incoming economic data suggest that the pace of economic activity has slowed markedly in recent months. Moreover, the intensification of financial-market turmoil is likely to exert additional restraint on spending."

Source: Bloomberg

English Lesson: You could ask before you take it

You could ask before you take it!

The above sentence it's fine from my finding in the internet. In order to express criticism, you need to put the STRESS + ACCENT on the could!

People are much more likely to be angry about your taking it without permission and are much more likely to prefer you asking for permission as required and/or common courtesy.

If the 'thing' had just been taken without permission, then even without any extra stress on the word 'could', I would understand "You could ask before you take my stuff!" to be critical. Understand?

Try to avoid using 'should' in that sentence because it indicates a recommendation or that which is advised but not required. 'Could' is more polite to ask for someone else to do something.

Morale Lesson: take minus permission equals THEFT!

VW Turns To Be The World’s Largest Automaker


No thanks to the collapse of the U.S. mortgage market, Toyota lost its place today as the world’s largest automaker by stock value to the VW Group.

According to Bloomberg, Volkswagen shares are up by a staggering 190 percent this year, and the company's stocks was one of only four in the Dow Jones Stoxx 600 Index that managed to advance yesterday. By contrast, Toyota has seen its shares drop 56 percent after its peak at 8,340 yen in February 2007. Well, as they say, easy come, easy go and that stabds for both companies...

Source: Bloomberg

Honda CR-V SPORT @ Australia

Honda's CR-V as one of the most popular soft-roaders on sale in country like Australia and ASEAN countries. Which you can see it everywhere on the road.

Today, when i am doing my reading on Australian motoring magazine before i sleep. I am amazed with the Australian Spec -Honda CR-V performance that running with the K24A power plant. Hence, i think i have to blog this before i go to bed.

0-100km/h @ 7.8sec  with 6-speed Manual Transmission!






Honda CR-V SPORT Specification


Engine: In-line 4, DOHC 16V
Layout: Front Engine (East-West), PAWD
Capacity: 2,354 litres
Bore/stroke: 87.0/99.0mm
Compression: 9.3:1
Power: 125kW @ 5800rpm
Torque: 218Nm @ 4200rpm
Redline/Cut-out: 6500rpm/6800rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual


Body: 5 door wagon, 5 seats
L/W/H: 4520/1820/1680mm
Wheelbase: 2620mm
Front/Rear track: 1565/1565mm
Weight: 1580kg
Boot Capacity: 1010/2064 litres (rear seats folded)
Fuel/Capacity: 91 Octane / 58 litres
Fuel consumption: 10.7L/100km (as per test drive avg)
Front Suspension: Struts, Lower A-arms, Coil Springs. Anti-roll bar
Rear Suspension: Multi-links, Coil Springs, Anti-roll bar
Steering: Power Rack and Pinion
Turning Circle: 11.0m
Front Brakes: Ventilated Discs (296mm)
Rear Brakes: Solid Discs (305mm)
Tyres: Bridgestone Dueler H/T 687
Tyre Size: 225/65/R17 102T

Safety hardware

Active: ABS, EBD, BA, ESP, TC
Passive: Front/Side/Curtain airbags, front-pretensioner/load-limiter seatbelts
NCAP rating: 4 Star (EURO)


Power to Weight: 79kW/tonne
Speed at indicated 100km/h: Actual (96km/h)

Standing-start acceleration
0-60km/h: 3.8sec
0-80km/h: 5.7sec
0-100km/h: 7.8sec
0-120km/h: 11.2sec
0-140km/h: 14.3sec

0-400m: 15.8sec @ 147km/h


: Superb quality; spacious and nice interior; good on-road dynamics
Cons: Ride lacks compliance; off-road ability; road noise; ESP effectiveness

By the way - Why our Malaysian spec come with a 2 litres S O H C engine?

Of course, when considering a SUV is not all about performance. The most important should put consideration on the comfort level of the SUV as well as the handling of the car which make it perfect!

Nissan GT-R To Go On Sale In Australia Next April, Pre-Orders Begins On 9th Oct 2008


Australia’s longest automotive wait is almost over.


The legendary Nissan that conquered Bathurst and the Nurburgring and the car so many Nissan fans have been anticipating, returns next April and will be available at a select group of 11 accredited "Nissan High Performance Centre" dealers.

The new Nissan GT-R supercar will be on show in Sydney for the first time when it takes centre stage at the 2008 Australian International Motor Show. Nissan will begin a pre-sell program and take orders from the first day of the show, October 9.

The GT-R will be available here in two grades – GT-R and GT-R Premium. The GT-R is priced at $148,800 and the Premium grade model at $152,800. There will be a choice of six colours, Super Silver, Vibrant Red, Gun Metallic, Black Obsidian, Titanium, and Ivory Pearl.

The supercar will feature true luxury performance equipment including a driver configurable Multi-Function Meter which can display lateral G-forces plus acceleration and braking performance among 11 data screens available.

Premium grade adds smoke/grey forged 20-inch aluminium wheels, Nitrogen-filled Bridgestone Potenza run-flat tyres, (over the standard model’s Dunlop SP Sport), a BOSE audio with 11 speakers and a 30 gigabyte hard drive; and front black leather sports seats with red Alcantara inserts.

The Nissan High Performance Centres, where the GT-R will be exclusively available, are spread strategically around the country to maximize service delivery.

They are located at:
NSW Campbelltown, Brookvale
VIC Ferntree Gully, Werribee
SA Nailsworth
WA Melville, Wangara
QLD Moorooka, Southport, Mackay
TAS Hobart

Each of the 11 dealers had to meet exacting standards including the allocation of dedicated GT-R sales and service staff: installing specific technical service monitors to communicate with the GT-R "black-box" data recorder and stocking nitrogen to maintain tyres.


World’s First Independent AWD System

The GT-R is powered by a hand-built twin-turbo VR38DETT 3.8-litre V6 engine delivering a mighty 353kW and 588Nm across a wide mid-range expanse from 3,200rpm to 5,200rpm. It also introduces the world’s first independent rear transaxle all-wheel drive system. The GR6 sequential six-speed has paddle shift control for the dual clutch rear transaxle, while drive to the wheels is via the electronically-controlled ATTESA E-TS all-wheel-drive system.

Brembo Sports brakes are fitted all round, with six pistons in the front callipers and four at the rear. There are full-floating drilled rotors clamped by low steel high stiffness brake pads.

A Bilstein DampTronic suspension control system gives three electable settings: Circuit, Normal and Comfort. The 20-inch front wheels are hod with 255/40ZF 20 tyres while the rears are fitted with 285/35ZF 20s, with all tyre pressures monitored electronically. An advanced hybrid body construction melds steel, die-cast aluminium and carbon fibre for strength, lightness and durability. The GT-R has a super low coefficient of drag of 0.27, while achieving high front and rear downforce.

The production Nissan GT-R has already won its spurs on the track with GT-R chief test driver Tochio Suzuki cracking the seven minutes 30 seconds barrier at the famed Nurburgring track earlier this year. The car he drove was a standard specification model, fitted with standard Japanese market tyres. Suzuki's lap time beat his previous fastest time for the GT-R by an amazing nine seconds, recorded in damp conditions.

By achieving a sub seven minutes 30 second lap time, the GT-R has proved it is arguably the fastest mass-production car in the world. Nissan set out to build a multiperformance supercar accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere – and the GT-R delivered that promise.


Comprehensive Equipment

Specification is comprehensive, as is to be expected from a vehicle of this standing. All models have a rear wing and carbon fibre rear diffuser, and a dark grey front grille. The standard equipment list features leather-wrapped sports steering wheel, adjustable steering column, high-back driver’s sports seats, with six-way power adjustment for the driver and four-way power adjustment for passenger. Front seats are heated and there are aluminium interior trim accents. An intelligent key system allows access to the car and integrates with the push-button for engine start and stop.

The Premium model adds black forged 20-inch aluminium wheels, Nitrogen-filled Bridgestone Potenza Run-Flat tyres, BOSE audio system and front black leather sports seats with red leather inserts. Safety equipment includes ABS with EBD, dual front, side and curtain airbags, while the sports-oriented dynamic stability system, VDC-R, is adjustable through Circuit, Normal and Off settings, selectable by the driver to suit prevailing conditions.

Nissan Australia expects local sales of the GT-R to reach around 200 units in its first year.

Nissan Australia Managing Director, Dan Thompson said, "We are proud and excited to see the GT-R back in Australian showrooms. It is a powerful tonic for the Nissan brand and underlines our outstanding record as an authentic sports car and performance car manufacturer."

Source: Nissan Australia

Education Lesson: No Reckless Driving even an Evo

Reckless driving is a mental state in which the driver of an automobile behaves recklessly; the driver often misjudges common driving procedures, intentionally causing accidents and other damages.

P.S.:- Please do not drink and drive even if you are not a reckless driver!

Drive safe and steady! Below are some real pictures taken by me personally from a crashed Evo 8.

Sometimes, it is not because of the damage to the car or your pocket. But it is dangerous to your life. And your love one is waiting you to come home safely.




2009 Civic Type R (FN2) Gets Refresh!

As part of a raft of changes being made to the Euro-market Civic, Honda has made a number of revisions to their FN2 Civic Type R hatchback.

The only major change is the addition of a Special Edition model to the CTR lineup, which among some minor cosmetic changes also boasts a limited slip differential (LSD).

While the JDM FD2 CTR has benefited from a helical LSD since its introduction in 2007, the European and Australian-market Type R's have made do with a open diff, limiting the amount of traction under power.

With the FN2 CTR-SE, however, the fancy differential gives the hot hatch a new lease of life, sharpening turning characteristics and delivering a Tsukuba lap time that's 1.44 seconds faster than the standard model.

Aesthetics have also been freshened up too, with Championship White being the only colour available on the CTR-SE and 18-inch white rims being exclusive to that model. Aside from some smoked chrome trim pieces on the exterior, the rest of the car is the same as the current model of FN2, meaning you still get 147kW from that 2-litre K20Z4 and a rather outmoded torsion-beam rear suspension.






Team Pure Dyno Day - 04 Oct 2008

Team Pure Dyno Day

Featuring Vehicle:-

  • Honda Civic Type R (FD2)
  • Mazda 3 1.6L
  • Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 Turbo Diesel
  • Proton Satria Neo 1.6 (M) - [Updated!]

teampure.fastmotoring.com - Arriving Soon!

Caution! - Team Pure Machines

Ready for Sampling...

Honda Civic Type R (FD2)




Mazda 3 1.6L





Mitsubishi Triton 2.5L Turbo Diesel






Proton Satria Neo 1,6 Campro (Black Edition)






Economy will got it better if the people.....

Today i finally learn to understand how a country could be better. Is the people! Is the citizen of the country which make a difference. [Don't tell me good sales of Helmet, help the economy k.... haha:-)]

Many things inspired me - until i see this in the KL Club @ Jln P.Ramlee. (It feels like Patpong @ KL)






In my mindset, I will only have all this question in mind!

Maybe this type of Night Life is not for people like me. Before i start off, all statements are purely in my humble opinions (IMHO). No Offence!

i) Why this people complaint traffic jam during working hours but not complaining the midnight traffic jam at club area??? (e.g. go work early next time, if you could work as hard as u go clubbing. This will make you a better person!)

ii) Do they plan for life and spend wisely? (Note: Financial Planner - please help by doing some business with them)

iii) What if the people know to protect themself to avoid un-necessary incident? Like their own security? What if something happen in the club that causes by silly drunker?

iv) Do their know how to enjoy for life? Knowing what is life?

v) Are you thinking that you are cool by having this type of lifestyle in the club?

To me - clubbing, will be talking about alcohol!?! drugs!?! and having a bad smell after it.

Let me tell you, what is life...

Life is talking about the experience of being alive. Experience are categorised to 2 types. One is Good Experience and another one is Bad Experience!

Good experience is like enjoying the life. Making life worthwhile.. Enjoy every single thing. Talking about real good experience is... like travel to europe to explore their country speciality and culture. This is good experience..

Bad experience is consider suffering for things in part of life. Sometimes, bad experience will never be realise by individual. Perhaps after some period of time. For example, Man will always think going for Sex with different women will be good experience. BUT it will turn to be bad experience when he got S.T.D.

What is Enjoy? Let me tell you!

Enjoy is getting pleasure from things you do and take pleasure in. First class enjoyment is to have peaceful + nice environment and getting first class treatment/services.

Q: Are you getting this for your time in the club with those funky noisy techno musics?

A: You are threatening your life. Perhaps, it shorten by the air and sound pollution.

Places that is suppose a proper human go, MUST BE SOMEWHERE EXCLUSIVE!

What they are thinking?

Free Sex? Free Chicks? Free Show? Status?

As understood, ladies are free to enter the club. The bills are handled by the 'gentlemen'. Why? Ladies, please ask yourself... Why and how you get the free entrance? What is the motive of the 'gentlemen'? Give the answer to yourself in your heart, deep heart! There is no free lunch in town! Even beggar needs to pay for what they get, by saying - Thank you!

What if they know to think?

Operating club is a million ringgits business especially in Malaysia. However, normally club operators are not genuine businessman and from the underground. Underground business normally are 'tax free' and always attempt to escape from the taxation law.

If huge amount of money falls into the dump of the dark side. This is no good for a country. What if? the people are smart enough to gather the money to share to purchase some good investment bond INSTEAD OF some silly bottle of liquor. Is it better for the country and individually?

I think is rather silly to share the money to pay RM600 for 2 bottles of liquor at this bad time. Unless...

Tips: Now Imagine... You gather 4 friends and buy STAREIT every fortnight... @ avg price of 84c. (RM840 for 1 lot).

RM840 x 2 = RM1680 (per month)
RM1680 * 12 months = RM20,160 (per year)
RM20,160 * 10 years = RM201,600 (for 10 years)

From the amount of money invested, you will get divided in every half year and potential capital appreciation (say to RM1.20 (from RM0.84))?!?!

*** Anyway, if you don't know what is STAREIT. Go find out at KLSE!

How could a parking in KL cost RM20?

If the people know to think, places will not be turning to be like this. Talking about RM20 for a car park in KL for a couple of hours at night!  When paying car park at KLCC for a couple of hours, people are complaining why so expensive ?!?! Why not those illegal operators just go rob the bank at night instead of collecting parking fee?

Want to know the answer?? Fuxk it, is you! You basta*d taught them this chance by paying them this amount. Spoilt the market rate which paying RM5 is fairly too much for it as well! I am telling you for sure, this is NOT the rate of the parking in KL!

Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart @ 2008 Paris Motor Show




The Colt Ralliart outside don't change much except for the wheel finish, a larger tailpipe and of course the body styling, but the massively bolstered leather seats completely remake the interior.

Paris 2008: 2009 Mazda MX-5



The MX-5 new revisions to the front end with new headlamps, five-point air dam and blistered arches all flow effortlessly from RX-8. Redesigned taillamps for the back end.

More importantly, the 2009 model gets an extra 500 rpm before redline, new 16- and 17-inch aluminum wheels and an upgraded gearbox that has new carbon-coated synchronizers for easier, smoother shifts.

Additionally, the front suspension knuckles and roll center have been revised to provide even more steering feel and a more confident ride.

Mazda Kiyora Concept Car @ 2008 Paris Motor Show


Mazda's 2008 Paris motor show Kiyora concept car targets environmental friendliness. A car that conserves water as well as fuel is one of the stars of this year's Paris motor show.

The Mazda Kiyora concept car, a radical interpretation of a futuristic city car, includes military-inspired water purification technology that channels rainwater from the roof to a portable drink bottle.

Inspired by water - it's even designed to look like a water droplet - the car also has an air purifier and an engine that turns off when stopped to save fuel. And the Kiyora is not just for show, with Mazda hinting the water purification technology - which already being used by the British military in Afghanistan and the US Marines. This could be fitted to a production car in future as well.

From my point of view, Mazda Kiyora gives an indication where Mazda could go with a small, eco-friendly city car in the near future.

It is highly fuel efficient, with a very small CO2 footprint, delivering Zoom-Zoom driving fun and high levels of safety. The car achieves this by taking Mazda’s acclaimed lightweight strategy to a new level by employing an extremely rigid and lightweight carbon-fibre body structure beneath a small, aerodynamic outer skin and a spirited, small-displacement 1.3-liter direct-injection engine. Mazda Kiyora also features Mazda’s unique Smart Idle Stop System (SISS) and a newly developed six- speed automatic transmission with direct feel and fuel efficiency similar to that of a manual. With these technologies, the Mazda Kiyora concept would produce CO2 emission of under 90g/km. 


VW Golf GTI MK-VI – First Official Video

The Volkswagen’s Paris motor show stand is the all-new, sixth-generation Golf GTI. This particular Golf will go into production in early 2009. Power comes from a revised 2.0-liter TFSI turbocharged engine delivering 210 HP accelerating the 2009 from rest to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 239 km/h.

Toyota Camry Hybrid at Sydney show


Australians will get their first up-close look at Toyota's forthcoming, locally-built hybrid Camry at the Sydney International Motor Show. D
ue to begin production at Toyota's Altona plant towards the end of 2009, the hybrid Camry will make its first local appearance in left-hand drive US-spec.

The Camry hybrid will adopt technology already widely used across the Toyota/Lexus range and will be based on a four-cylinder engine, an electric motor, rear-mounted battery pack and a planetary CVT transmission as seen in the Prius, Lexus GS, LS and RX models.

As for the Prius, the production Camry Hybrid will store its electrical power for the drive motor in nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries - technology that's likely to be a bit out of date by the time the car starts hitting dealer showrooms locally.

Mercedes-Benz and other car companies are working on lithium-ion batteries for hybrid-drive vehicles and Toyota itself will introduce the new generation batteries with the plug-in Prius hybrid that is due to go into production around the end of next year. In the meantime, production petrol/electric hybrids on Toyota production lines will stick with the proven reliability and more cost-effective Ni-MH technology.

The company claims the hybrid Camry will be faster and more fuel efficient than regular models, while emitting lower emissions in traffic.

Production of hybrid Camrys in Altona, where the plan is to roll 10,000 vehicles annually off the production line, will follow manufacture in Japan and the USA. It will also be built in Thailand.

On the Toyota stand in Sydney, the hybrid Camry will be joined by the spacey Hybrid X concept that was styled and developed in France. Featuring swivelling rear seats, drive by wire steering, LED headlights and custom 20-inch wheels, the Hybrid X is roughly Camry-size.