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Toyota Unveils 86 Sports Car in Japan

The long awaited rear-wheel-drive FT-86 concept is now world premiere in its home market, Japan. Toyota newest sports car is officially known as Toyota 86 or “hachi roku”.

111127b515 (2).JPGhr.jpg

The unveiling occurred when Toyota president Akio Toyoda drove a production prototype down the main straight of the Fuji Speedway, south of Tokyo.

Mr Toyoda said the new rear-wheel-drive sports car was all about "waku doki" - a car that creates excitement and gets your heart racing. "I am very proud of this car," Mr Toyoda said. "Thank you for the patience of car lovers. They are going to enjoy this car."


The new 2012 Toyota 86 features the world's first horizontally opposed D-4S engine, combining "boxer" engine technology with Toyota's cutting-edge D-4S direct injection technology. The engine is installed front mid-ship to create an ultra-low centre of gravity and low inertia. It is the world's only horizontally opposed engine and rear-wheel-drive package.

The D-4S, with separate twin injectors for both direct injection and port injection, boasts a high compression ratio of 12.5:1. This provides high output and high torque over a wide range of engine speeds and contributes to improved environmental performance. The engine's redline is 7500rpm with maximum output of 147kW. Even so, the engine achieves fuel efficiency and environmental performance that rivals that of a standard 2.0-litre sedan.

The D-4S engine is mated with a six-speed manual transmission or a special sports-driving six-speed automatic transmission.


As a result, the 86 offers fun driving at a level unprecedented in earlier sports cars. It carries on the spirit of the AE86 Corolla in its aim to be a car that evolves with its owner.

The lightweight and compact rear-wheel-drive platform was designed to achieve superior handling and create the world's smallest mass-production four-passenger sports car (by volume).

The vehicle's newly developed engine delivers exceptional output and torque as well as superior response at low and medium speeds.

The rear seatbacks fold down to the front to create a luggage space that can accommodate four sports wheels or two golf bags.

The exterior design features a predatory look at the front; the sides are a modern take on Toyota's sports-car heritage; and the rear view is wide and sturdy despite the compact cabin.

The interior design seeks the essence of sports cars by emphasising the form, placement and materials of each element.

The seatbacks and cushion surfaces are designed to provide support during acceleration g-forces from the front, the back and to the sides. In addition, the shape of the front seats is designed to prevent elbows from interfering with gearshift operation.


The circular steering wheel has a diameter of 365 mm, the smallest in a Toyota-brand vehicle. The wheel's surface was optimised with exhaustive feedback from test drivers to enhance steering performance and grip.

A three-cluster meter built around the tachometer has been designed with particular attention paid to display placement, markings and typeface to enhance visibility and readability during sports driving.

Honda SM 0W-20 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for Honda Insight

The demand for low viscosity engine oil was projected to increase from last 2 years due to raising fuel price and green initiative. With today’s engine oil technology, the low viscosity formulation is aims to reduce friction effectively and most importantly, higher efficiency as it help the engine to use less fuel.


Recently, Honda Malaysia introduced a new Honda fully synthetic engine Oil SM 0W-20. This engine oil is suitable to all Honda models except Civic Type R and Accord V6 3.5. Bear in mind, this oil is recommended for gentle light-footed drivers and not recommended for high-performance drives.

Since my Honda Insight is due for an oil change, I chose the new SM 0W-20 fully synthetic oil instead of SM 5W-30 synthetic oil. After the oil change, I immediately feel the difference as it offers a better acceleration response.

Since the hybrid vehicles like Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid are operate with stop-start, this oil able to offer extra protection against deposits for stop-and-start engine condition.

All Individual driving behaviours could be different and traffic congestion is also one of the factors that burning our precious fuel unproductively. Based on my daily route, the onboard indicator displays the new mileage is now having an average of 15.8km/litre from 14.9km/litre. To me, it is a great gain.

If you are planning to send your Honda for service, why not try the new 0W-20 fully synthetic oil. I believe you will be as satisfied as me.

Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE and 1.5 Extreme launched in Malaysia

Today, Perodua officially added two new variants to its flagship model by launching the Myvi 1.5 SE and Myvi 1.5 Extreme.


The engines of the New Myvi SE and Myvi Extreme have uprated with 1.5-litre DOHC 16V DVVT (3SZ-VE) engine instead of 1.3-litre engine. The power plant delivers a maximum power of 76kW (102hp) @ 6,000rpm with a max torque of 136Nm @ 4,400rpm.


On the colour variations, the New Myvi 1.5 SE comes in 5 colours (Solid Majestic Yellow, Solid Ivory White, Metallic Mystical Purple, Metallic Ebony Black, and Metallic Glittering Silver). At the same time, the New Myvi 1.5 Extreme only comes in 3 colours (Solid Majestic Yellow, Solid Ivory White, and Metallic Ebony Black).





On-the-Road (OTR) price in Peninsular Malaysia 


Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE

- Manual – RM50,900 – RM 51,400

- Automatic – RM 53,900 – RM 54,400 (with standard audio headunit)

- Automatic – RM 56,000 – RM 56,500 (with multimedia & navigation system)


Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme

- Manual – RM 58,200 – RM 58,700

- Automatic – RM 61,200 – RM 61,700


For more information, please refer to: http://www.fastmotoring.com/index.php/2011/09/perodua-myvi-1-5-extreme-and-1-5-se-officially-launched-in-malaysia/

The World Most Exotic Traffic Jam By Supercar


There was a supercar convoy at Gurston Down, UK. The multi-million-dollar parade was captured on film and uploaded to YouTube.

Cars like Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, Ruf, Bugatti, TVR and Koenigsegg all sauntered around and set off the world most exotic traffic jam. Cool! Check it out.

A History of Michelin Man


The Michelin Man’s was created in 1898 (Creator: Idea conceived by Edouard Michelin; artist's rendition created by O'Galop) by to resemble a man made of tires, back when tires took on either a greyish-white or light, translucent beige colour.

He is also mute to represent the strong, silent type. The Michelin Man’s real name is Bibendum—meaning “drinking to be done” in Latin and referring to the notion that the firm’s new pneumatic inflatable tires could “drink up obstacles” on the road without going flat—while the word “michelin” in Spanish has acquired the meaning of “spare tire,” or folds of fatty skin around one’s waist.

Toshiba No-Glasses 3D TV


Toshiba's 3D televisions, launched in Europe at IFA on Friday, create the illusion of depth without the need to wear special glasses by sending images of different perspectives to the right eye and others to the left eye.

Cars 2 Lightning MacQueen USB Speaker for Computer and Mobile Device

‘Cars 2’ movie will be released in Malaysia and Singapore on 25 August 2011. Well, the story line of the Cars 2 is certainly about racing cars. All the characters in the animation are absolutely adorable especially the Racing Star Lightning MacQueen and Mater.

You can refer below for the date in your country. While I am waiting the ‘Cars 2’ showing in the cinemas, I found many genuine ‘Cars 2’ merchandises are up on the shelf at all major shopping malls.

Over the weekend, I went to Kinokuniya Bookstore at KLCC and found this pair of Lightning MacQueen USB Speaker. At the first sight, I love it and bought it straight away. Although the price is RM 169.90 and it is absolutely worth it as it is Disney original product and the sound quality is reasonably good. Usually, speakers with special design are usually doesn’t sounds good.

Cars 2 Speaker 1.JPG

Cars 2 Speaker 2.JPG

Anyway, I just felt the ‘tyre tread design’ really suits my style as a petrolhead… :P. I wish if I could review this masterpiece to everyone here. Basically, it works well out of the box with my iPhone, Dell Notebook via its 3.5mm audio jack and fully USB powered. Probably, I will take more photos later.


'Cars 2' Movie Release Date

USA: 18 June 2011
Australia, Greece, Solvenia: 23 June 2011
Canada, Colombia, USA: 24 June 2011
Netherlands, Poland: 29 June 2011
Argentina, Portugal: 7 July 2011
UK: 22 July 2011
France: 27 July 2011
Germany, Hungary: 28 July 2011
Japan: 30 July 2011
Denmark: 4 August 2011
Norway, Sweden: 5 August 2011
Italy: 17 August 2011
Turkey: 19 August 2011
Malaysia, Singapore: 25 August 2011


Check out the ‘Cars 2’ Trailer via YouTube 

$1.99/mo Web Hosting
A Lucky Squirrel and The New Lamborghini LP670-4 SV at Race Track


The caught-on-tape moment occurred at the The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 4 in United States. The supercar that narrowly missed the little guy is one Lamborghini LP670-4 SV travelling at over 100 MPH on the race track. Check out the video!!

I would say this squirrel is the luckiest ever!!

Imported Used Cars From Japan Unloading in Port Klang

If you wonder how the used cars are handle and ship from Japan, check out the photos on the below. The photos are taken in North Port, Port Klang.


After the cars unloaded from the vessel, the assigned drivers will deliver the car from the Port to showroom or open storage areas for safe keeping. It is common that mishap will happen during the handling process (E.g. Scratches and minor accident are very common). Consequently, those cars will do some paint job touch-up and polishing before the car entering the showroom)


Kung Fu Panda 2 In Cinemas On 26 May 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 will be in cinemas on 26 May 2011.


According to movie reviewer, there is a scene where the panda stuffs 40 dumplings into his mouth and then spews them into the audience in persuasive 3-D tells you most of what you need to know.

Starring: The voices of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan

Directed by: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Running time:90 minutes

Chrysler Voyager with Gas Turbine Engine from a Helicopter


The above Chrysler Voyager is not your ordinary people mover. Don’t be shocked by the photo! It is a turbine van.

If you love speed and fast car? Why not consider one for yourself... 100% satisfaction guaranteed..

Basically, this van is fitted with turbine engine which capable to perform a conservative 7.65 seconds at 96 mph (154.5 km/h) in the 1/8th mile.

Check out the video below for more actions!!

Lexus LFA in the UK makes its public debut at the Supercar Sunday Breakfast Club


The first full-production Lexus LFA in the UK makes its public debut at the Supercar Sunday Breakfast Club event at the legendary Goodwood Motor Circuit. Listen to the phenomenal sound of the handbuilt V10 engine and find out what these supercar fans have to say about LFA 016.

New Volkswagen Jetta Official Photos - 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Malaysia

If you regularly follow-up on Volkswagen cars, probably you knew that the new Volkswagen Jetta had launched in Europe and North America back in last year. Furthermore, Volkswagen had ventured with DRB-Hicom to locally assemble Volkswagen cars in Malaysia. There will be VW Passat, Jetta, and Polo. Which variants? I am unsure till date.


DB2010AU01580_small (1).jpg

There are a few photos “self-leaked” into the internet in relation to those models performing road test in Malaysia. I saw the Volkswagen Jetta there and I love it at the first sight! Personally, it is a better practical car than the Golf. In essence, it is a Golf Sedan.


Based on the Europe model, there are TDI (Diesel) and TSI (Petrol) models. In Malaysia, TDI will be an impracticable model to be marketed which I don’t know why. Probably, the diesel fuel quality still not up to standard. What’s more, there are three TSI models which available are 1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI. Likely the 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI will be selected here (just like the Golf model) and combined with a dual-clutch transmission (DSG).


For the CKD VW Jetta 1.4 TSI model, it is speculated to be marketed at the price mark between RM120k-RM130k. In the other hand, I am hoping the price will be around RM110k-RM120k.

Without further data and info, check out the photos that I posted in this article. I will keep you posted once there are more solid update and fact.





Subway Sub Of The Day New Menu for 2011 still at RM 7.50 (6-inch)


Recently, I found that the menu for Subway’s Sub of the day had refreshed comparing to last year’s menu that I had posted before. I believe the new menu took effective since early this year.


Check out the 2011 Subway’s Sub of the day menu.

Monday – Italian B.M.T.

Tuesday – Tuna

Wednesday – Meatball Marinara

Thursday – Roasted Chicken

Friday – Chicken Slice

Saturday – Seafood & Crab

Sunday – Chicken Teriyaki


Nevertheless, the price for “Sub of the day” remained at RM 7.50 (6-inch).

Taxi Ride with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Rally Spec


Norwegian Telco Netcom uses Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Rally-Spec to film its TV commercial for their new 4G mobile broadband plan.

A combination of a high performance sports car and professional driver, equals to an ultimate ‘taxi’ ride.

Unscheduled Water Disruption at Subang Jaya


Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn. Bhd. (SYABAS) had officially placed a note in their Facebook page regarding the un-scheduled water disruption at Subang Jaya and several part of Petaling Jaya. This is due to the water reservoirs at Effingham, Bukit Gasing and Subang Airport are currently at low level.

According to Puspel Syabas Customer Service, there is no definite date and time for the water supply to be resumed. Those who need temporary supply from tanker, you can contact Syabas Customer Service via:-

- 1800 88 5252 (24 Hours), or

- SMS to 39222 by typing PUSPEL<space><Your complaint/comment>

Please conserve your water tank now as I believe the water interruption will not be possible to be restored by today! If you are eating out, I would suggest you to dine at the unaffected areas. Follow my twitter for more updates!

Apple iPad 2 vs Canon EOS 600D Review

Check out the review by DigitalRev on Apple iPad 2 vs Canon EOS 600D (T3i) - which is the better camera?

Please note: IMHO, it is more for entertaining instead of a technical review.

Are you watching porn?

Yes, I agreed with her… 

Is my turn to ask those folks that usually minimize and lock their screen whenever I walk to you, are you looking at porn? J L…..

Natalie, keep up mate!

"Jen Aniston's Sex Tape" - Jennifer Aniston In SmartWater Ad

"Jennifer Aniston" is a trending search topic after the actress appeared in an ad for SmartWater, cleverly titled "Jen Aniston's Sex Tape."



In the nearly three-minute video, Aniston pokes fun at Internet marketing techniques and what it takes for a video to "get a virus," or go viral.

So far the video has more 2.4 million views, 13,899 people likes it and over 5,000 comments on YouTube.