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Price of RON 95 at RM1.80 from 1st Sept 2009

Effective from 1st September 2009 (right after the Malaysia National Day), the newly introduced RON 95 fuel is now priced at RM1.80 from the previous price - RM1.75.


Meanwhile, RON 97 is upgraded as a premium product and has gone up to RM2.05 from RM1.80. That's a bad news for Civic Type R owners. :(

If you realise, some shell petrol kiosk has removed the option of V-Power from their inventory after they introduce RON95. It could be due to commercial reason as V-Power could be slow moving product. After the price hike, V-Power may price Rm2.40?

Women, please ensure your steering wheel is straight and your gear is in neutral

I have been watching many YouTube video clip on how people hit their own car or even driving towards the pond and fell into it.

Sorry but to say, with all the supporting videos. Apparently, majority are women drivers. Please drive safe and ensure your safety as well as other road users. When you are not cruising, ensure your gear is in neutral mode and your steering wheel is straight.

Enjoy this video by seeing how this women hit the parking barrier.

Vandalism act by some idiot using his Toyota Yaris

Apparently, this guy should be an indian from india and doing this silly act at some residential apartment private car park.

Well, I don't get the point what he is trying to do with his Toyota Yaris. Perhaps, he is planning to get his family to buy him another car. What a vandalism act!

Bandwidth Congestion, Slow Internet Speed by your provider? Well, we need more bandwidth!

With all the Internet-savvy phones like iPhone could easily strain other carriers' networks in the near future. By 2010, global mobile data traffic is expected to exceed 200 terabytes per month, six times last year's levels, according to Cisco Systems.


Why? One reason is more phonemakers are catching on to the trend of touchscreen that made the iPhone a hit. As you can see, more people are carries high-end multimedia smartphone like Samsung Omnia, Blackberry Storm and etc...


Users of phones with Google's Android operating system spend roughly as much time online as iPhone users, according to mobile advertising company AdMob in USA.

Mobile Traffic Growth.png

Some carriers may try to offload data traffic due to network bandwidth congestion. PCCW, the Hong Kong operator, has started using Wi-Fi hot spots to ease the load from smartphones and its digital TV service.

Do your boss is driving me nuts?

When a control-freak boss is in charge, you and your co-workers may be tempted to rebel. Here's a better strategy.

"Overly controlling managers are one of the main types who make employees rebel," says Albert J. Bernstein, Ph.D., he is a clinical psychologist for 35 years and author of a terrific new book called Am I The Only Sane One Working Here?

Here go the tips!

1. Don't let your annoyance show. "Calling someone a control freak, or getting visibly irritated when he leans on you, will only make him think he needs to keep an even closer eye on you," Bernstein says.

Furthermore, don't ever think about trying to discuss the problem: "Forget trying to talk a micromanager out of being one. Even seasoned therapists have trouble convincing the control-obsessed that their behavior might be causing more problems than it's solving."

2. Use reassurance, not recrimination. Take the time before a project begins to get a clear and concrete outline of what your boss wants, when he wants it, and how he wants it done. "Take copious notes," Bernstein says. "There are two reasons for doing this. First, if you look as if you're taking his instructions seriously, he'll worry less about you making 'mistakes.' " And second, if you establish - in writing - a specific, measurable result to be delivered at a specific time, it will come in handy later on when your boss tries to control the process - which of course he will.

3. Give progress reports before he asks for them. "Nothing allays a control freak's fears like excess information," says Bernstein. "Remind him that you are taking the project as seriously as he does."

4. When your boss tries to control your work, ask if this means the end product has changed. This is where you whip out your notes from that initial meeting. "Treat attempts to control the process as requests to change the end product," says Bernstein. "If the ultimate goal isn't affected, why change the process?"

"Needless to say, for this strategy to be effective, you need some history of delivering the goods," he adds. You and your teammates have such a history, right?

5. Keep up the good work. According to Bernstein, if you follow these steps several times - once is not enough - and actually do what you say you're going to do when you say you will do it, your boss will become less worried about your performance and go off to fuss over somebody less responsible.

Source: Fortune Mag

Ford Focus RS vs Nissan GT-R - Autocar.co.uk

In Malaysia, I can't get hold of any Ford Focus RS to personally review it. Let Autocar UK show you how the new Focus RS takes on the might of the Nissan GT-R.

Stocks jump after announcement of near recovery economy

In the DJ markets, the stocks rallied in Monday morning, with the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq touching new 2009 highs, as investors extended the summer advance on hopes that the economy is close to recovering.


Stocks rallied Friday after Fed chief Ben Bernanke said the economy is near a recovery and existing home sales posted their biggest jump in two years. That sent the Dow to its highest close since Nov. 4, the S&P 500 to its highest close since Oct. 6 and the Nasdaq to its highest close since Oct. 1.

Stocks have had a surprisingly upbeat summer, as investors have welcomed a number of better-than-expected quarterly results and economic reports.

The global markets followed the lead of U.S. markets Friday. Asian markets advanced, with the Japanese Nikkei rising 3.4%. European markets rallied in afternoon trading.

Excuse me, sir, where's my tip?


In troubled financial times, Nigel Richardson navigates the etiquette and ethics of tipping.

A hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, 7pm. A weary traveller, recently off an 11-hour flight from London Gatwick, has just eaten in the hotel restaurant and is about to get into bed.

Caller: "Hi, Mr Richardson. This is Brad here. Your waiter for this evening."

Me (puzzled but friendly): "Oh, hi, Brad."

Brad: "I was just calling to check you enjoyed your meal this evening."

Me: "Well, cheers for asking, Brad. It was fine."

Brad: "Only, I guess you being tired and all, you forgot to express your appreciation in the customary way ..."

Like a lemon I get dressed, go downstairs and hand Brad a $5 note. The recollection of this episode has tortured me ever since.

Yes, I know that Brad gets paid diddly-squat and like all American waiters relies on tips. I forgot, I screwed up. But I was already in my pyjamas, for God's sake.

Tipping is a cultural and pecuniary minefield. There are complex cultural variants, such as baksheesh in the Middle East (basically, daylight robbery) and ta'arof in Iran, a preposterous formality whereby offers of money are refused two or three times before being greedily gobbled up. But these require a lifetime of study.

Simple tipping – the handing over of money as a token of gratitude for services rendered – is complicated enough. I have been travelling extensively for nearly 20 years and trying to get it right (how much, when, how) still leaves me feeling like a chimp at the Ritz.

Recently, it has also left me feeling poorer. Tipping has been getting so out of hand in certain destinations that it amounts to a stealth tax on Western tourists and distorts local economies – and I blame the Americans.

A little on the side in the Med

France VAT on food in restaurants has been reduced recently from 19.6 per cent to just 5.5 per cent, making eating out good value this European summer. A service charge of 15 per cent is always included (service compris) but, if you're happy with the service, round up the bill to the next euro and even add a euro or two.

Greece Service is included in taverna bills. Round up or even add more as you see fit.

Spain Don't mistake the 7 per cent VAT charge on restaurant bills ("IVA") for the service charge, which is not included. This is not a big tipping culture but staff at restaurants in tourist hot spots will expect at least 10 per cent. For tapas and drinks at a bar, just round up and add a euro or two.

Italy A cover charge (usually about €2.50 a person, for bread and so on) is always included and a service charge sometimes, so check the bill or ask. In any case, that service charge is unlikely to go to the waiter, so a couple of euros will be appreciated. It also makes sense if you will be eating there again. If there's no service charge, 10 per cent in cash is sufficient.

- The Telegraph, London

Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Contact Lense Ads by Janet Hsieh and Special Up-close Interview

In early this year, Janet make herself into Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Contact Lense Ads. Check out the video and a special up-close interview with Janet on her experience as a contact lense users.

How to choose a Maxis plan for your iPhone 3G or 3GS??


I found this useful flowcart from macbuzz that simplifies the potential maxis iPhone buyer to hoose the right plan that they will be opt for.

Basically, the flowchart illustrate for New Maxis Customer, Existing Maxis Customer or even Customer from other telco or prepaid mobile users.

Splashes Car with 43 Tons of Water by Liebherr Excavator

Have you ever see a giant Liebherr R9800 Excavator?

Check out how the Liebherr R9800 Excavator splashes a station wagon with 43 tons of water... Watch the video to find out it happen!

How the latest i-VTEC works for the R18A?

For fellow that is hunting for Honda Civic FD 1.8S or 2.0S. You may think that 2.0S model is always better than the 1.8S model from the aspect of pricing and specification.

However, this concept is definitely a big wrong. The R18A engine that fitted on the 1.8S model is one of the most efficient engine that Honda ever built. In fact, the efficiency is even better than the K20A from the Type R.

In engineering point of view, natural aspirated engine that runs efficiently at all RPMs is the finest art. To achieve the efficiencies, this engine is designed using many technologies during the engineering stage.
That's where the Honda's engineers expert in.

Check out the video clip that illustrate how the i-VTEC works for the R18A.

Have you seen Model falling through runway?
In one of the NBC programme, the hosts can't stop laughing at model falling through runway in the video clip. It is rather funny.

Asian stocks tumbling

Shares on Bursa Malaysia declined on Wednesday, with the smaller and mid sized stocks taking the brunt of the sell-off. At the close, the FBM KLCI Index fell 5.74 points, or 0.48% to 1,180.54 points.

Across the region, investors in China were the worst hit with market measures in Shanghai and Shenzhen down 4%, while in Hong Kong the Hang Seng index tumbled 3%.

In Jakarta, the main market barometer plunged 2%, while key indices in Japan declined 1.4% and in Singapore the Straits Times index fell 1%.

Michael Schumacher comeback was called off due to pain in his neck

Michael Schumacher has officially canceled his F1 return due to concerns over a neck injury from a motorcycle accident earlier this year.


Schumacher, a seven-time F1 world champion, had agreed to help out his former team Ferrari and step in for Felipe Massa on a temporary basis after the Brazilian suffered head injuries at the Hungarian grand prix last month. But the German has now abandoned the comeback after failing to overcome injuries suffered in a motorbike accident in February.

Schumacher said: "Yesterday evening, I had to inform Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo and team principal Stefano Domenicali that unfortunately I'm not able to step in for Felipe. I really tried everything to make that temporary comeback possible, however, much to my regret it didn't work out."

The 40-year-old had intended to return at the European Grand Prix in Valencia on 23 August but testing designed to help Schumacher reacclimatise himself to the rigours of F1 have shown the injuries to his neck are "too severe".

Photos: 2009 Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race - Free Practice






























Leona Chin is also at MMER 2009.

Jeremy Clarkson Beatboxing?

Can you believe that a mixture of Jeremy Clarkson clips from Top Gear and make out a Beatboxing clip? This is a hilariously awesome mix!

EVIAN animated Baby Dance based on the tune from Michael Jackson - Beat It!

Before you play the YouTube clip on the below, you might think it will be another boring clip from me. Well, trust me. This video is so cute. The baby dance and performance like MJ. Can you believe this?

Best of Obama Girl - Crush On Obama

This is also another voted Top 10 YouTube's greatest hits. It's Obama Girl Music Video by barely political.

This web video is named biggest of the year 2007 by People magazine, AP, Newsweek, and AOL.

This Music Video is hot during the pre-election of the United States of America. I watch this before in YouTube and didn't expect that Amber Lee Ettinger (Obama Girl) will get so popular by turning to be the #1 Hottest Woman on the Internet.

I believe this music video does carry weight and helps during the pre-election campaign for President Barack Obama. This is the power of the INTERNET.... :)

Jackie Chan Kaspersky 2010 Comercial Ad

Well, I don't know why Jackie will take this job to stars in this odd kaspersky antivirus advertisement.

The entire ad theme doesn't really suit Jackie's image and it is totally out from what his normal production film show.

What you think? Please comment in this post.