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Travis Pastrana jumps 269 feet in Subaru rally car and breaks world record


He did it! Travis Pastrana, legend of both freestyle motocross and rally racing, jumps 269 feet in his rally car live on ESPN in Long Beach while celebrate the New Year 2010 on last Thursday.

The daredevil shattered the world record for the longest jump in a rally car on Thursday night, making a nearly perfect flight of 269 feet from the Pine Street Pier onto a barge anchored in the harbor.

Travis Pastrana broke the world record for the longest jump in a rally car, which was set by Ken Block in 2006. Block jumped 171 feet. "It was a wild ride," said the wild man of action sports.


His Subaru skidded sideways after landing and slammed into a safety wall at the end of the barge, but Pastrana emerged unscathed. He ran up the landing ramp and did a backflip into the water in front of a crowd estimated at 20,000.

Check out the video clip on the below...