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Volkswagen Passat CC available with an optional new five-seater rear bench


Volkswagen Passat CC is a stylish four-seater vehicle with a touch of coupe and sport saloon. But, the rear bench is separated by a cubby with a sliding plastic top which making the car unable to fit 5 passengers.

On now onwards, due to demand in European market that asked for another seat on the rear bench. VW decided to make the Passat CC to be five-seater vehicle by adding a headrest and a seatbelt and remove the cubby. The 3-seat rear bench system is available as an option for 100 euros.

It is not yet clear whether Volkswagen AG will offer such optional item for Passat CC customers in other part of the world. Anyway, we will look into it and keep you posted.

Photo of Original Passat CC rear bench:-